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  1. dantech

    On the rôtisserie

    Hello, I'm originally from the mid East and love making shawarma on my rotisserie. However, recently I've been wanting to make something else on it. I don't want to do the whole bird thing. Do you guys have any ideas or recipes of meats I can stack like a shawarma, but with a different type...
  2. dantech

    Opening a SmokeHouse

    Hey guys, So I've been smoking meat, and bbqing ever since I can remember and it's always been my passion. I've been starting to look into what it would require to open a smokehouse restaurant. I've already got a vague idea for a menu (brisket, ribs, chicken, sous vide steaks, burgers...
  3. dantech

    Need to cook pineapple chicken for 14 people.

    Hey guys. I need to fry up some pineapple chicken (18 chicken breasts) Now, I tend to use a deep fryer (3L), and dip the chicken breast pieces in a slurry made from cornstarch, eggs, and soy sauce. What would be the most efficient way to make this, in your opinion? Should I cut all the...
  4. dantech

    Looking to buy a knife - $250 budget

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy a knife. Preferably a Chef's knife. I'd like one that I don't need to sharpen very often. I really like the hammered look and right now, I'm looking at Shun's Premier Chef's knife. I think they have them from 7" and up to 10".  What do you think of the Shun Premier...
  5. dantech

    Argan Oil

    Hey guys,  I'm new here. I have a Moroccan background and recently, I've started incorporating Argan Oil into eggs, salads, and some meat dishes. I wonder how many of you have had the opportunity to cook with Argan Oil, and if so, what types of dishes?
  6. dantech

    Hey There!

    Hey guys!  I'm obviously new to this website. I'm a home cook who really enjoys every aspect of preparing food, except for baking, but that's what my wife is for :P. I'm 24, and always looking to make the best dishes possible. One challenge that I often face is the fact that I am Kosher. I am...
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