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    240mm gyuto recommendation

    I might like looking at these knives but i don't wish to subscribe to this sight.
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    Completely burnt out

    I feel it might be a good time for you to return to the USA, and get a job cooking at a nice small restaurant, cooking the type foods you enjoy cooking.
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    Need knives for home use

    Here is three inexpensive knives i have used in learning to sharpen kitchen type knives, along with some of my sharping stones used. The small Farberware knife has a very hard stainless steel blade, i found my Coor's stone was the best stone to getting this knife sharp enough to slice paper. I...
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    Need knives for home use

    You will have to explain to me why you think the cheap knives are hard to sharpen, is it because they have hard stainless steel used in their blades? if one has the correct stones to use hard steel is no more a problem then softer steel. And how would one get any bad habits sharping these...
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    Need knives for home use

    I would advise getting a cheap 8 inch Chef knife to use to learn to sharpen it.
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    Knife sharpening Set Up recommendations

    For what i was trying obtain after the Chosera #800, my King 1000 just was not giving the results i wanted, after using the Chosera #2000 i feel i am getting the results.
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    Knife sharpening Set Up recommendations

    This might be a little late but here is my thoughts on a sharping sysyem. I just received the new Choseras #2000 stone, and after i had used the Choseras #800 the other day, i was waiting to see if the Choseras #2000 would improve my cheap hard stainless knife blades, bought for testing using...
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    Really good water stones for beginning to learn knife sharping.

    Post removed posted in the wrong forum.
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    Upgrading From A Mac MTH-80 Chef's Knife

    Just from the short time i have been using this forum, i have already picked up so much knife and sharping information, it has changed my total prospective of Chef knives and how they should be cared for. I thank all who have posted.
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    Newbie looking for several suggestions

    I will just post in regards to your sharping needs. I started with a King 1000/6000 and a good quality stone holder. Another...
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    Henckels 5 Star Santoku vs Wusthof Ikon

    I have the King 1000/6000 Combo and it works well, i also have Spyderco 8 inch finishing stone between the King 6000 and the Spyderco fine stone i get what i feel is a really sharp blade.
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    Sakai Tohji Kitchen Knife questions

    This is the stone i ordered address above is a mistake. King Japanese Grit 1000/6000 Combination Sharpening Stone KW-65 and King #8000 Nagura
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    Sakai Tohji Kitchen Knife questions

    I don't feel you went wrong it is made with a quality stainless steel blade. As for sharping your new knife. I just ordered this set of Kings water sharping stones As i am also just getting into cooking type knives, and am...
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