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    Hotels vs Restaurants

    So, I've always wanted to be a chef... I've been working in the best restaurants I can get into in my area, but all I seem to hear from the majority of my coworkers is complaints about the lack of benefits, bad pay, etc. To tell the truth I am worried about these things but I could not picture...
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    Studying Business vs Culinary School

    Hey guys, I've seen some people suggest doing a degree in business while working in kitchens for experience instead of attending culinary school. For me, this would be a cheaper option because i could attend the university in my state rather than pay for a private culinary school in another...
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    Feeling Unprepared for Kitchen Stage?

    Hi everyone, I've lurked for a while on ChefTalk and finally decided to make an account to post. I've just recently got an opportunity to stage at one of the best restaurants in my city (Providence, RI) and I am super eager to learn but I feel like I'm unprepared for this. My only experience is...
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