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    Tricky situation-help!

    Never heard of this, but Yes. Certificates are must in some country to proved that you are certified food handlers and knowledgeable in culinary. but usually that a first step to enter professional culinary career. Also, there will be some company policies (hotels/resorts) where they have their...
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    Trends in decoration, food plating and products? Let's keep up with the times.

    Hi Chef Alexander, I think I understand your question or perhaps some of it. Personally I am a Chef working in resort most of my career and hardly we do follow trend. We only do things to satisfy customers sometimes might even be very simple cooking and for some occasion some customers thanks...
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    What's Your Opinion About the Final Product in This Video?

    My Old Chef recipe is this; White or Brown Onion cut same size not too thin then spread on a tray half air-dried set aside. Do the Consommé (always have in the kitchen) then with large soup pot adding Oil & Butter once start to get hot add Onion then sweat them with high heat, low down the fire...
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    What's Your Opinion About the Final Product in This Video?

    My Old Chef would smack me in the head if I got that result and called it French Onion Soup. the Cheese part look nice at the top, but the fact of soup is cloudy and texture look more like gravy than broth would eventually be so heavy for French Onion Soup. I remembered that I have to store the...
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    Hand cut French fries

    Totally agree with you 100% chef - no argument on what is best. but my case if if I am serving French fries a day minimum of 60kgs in isolate island when landing cost of fresh ingredients are higher (I am working in isolated island resort) But Yes, as I do totally agree if you are land base and...
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    Happy New Year to you and to all Chefs, May God be along side with you all, guide you, protect you, comfort you, giving you wisdom and continue blessing you all. I pray in Lord Jesus Christ name AMEN
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    Need advice

    my suggestion is to work with weighing scale, you break down your parts in order. then weigh them individual - take note, then use the whole chicken to find the percentage. what you are using on your plate are stating them as yield, what go to stock are call waste in accounting wise. but...
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    Hand cut French fries

    Well, I learned a lot from you all chefs. Thank you - But just a thought if make does not made better than buy then why not buy instead?! thing is as a chef you are thinking of Labor cost, utility cost and gas consumption cost and by saying this does it made a good cut of profit. I knew it is...
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    Should I stay or leave ??

    Thank you Chef Navy, Yes I have been working hard as so as my team. well, I am now finally getting my additional manning (actually they are staffs who been redundancy) I was holding on for the team, now its paid off. today is 13.01.2021 and I was starting back into property on Oct 17,2020 and...
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    Impact of colonialism on the Indian cuisine, assignment input

    Hi Amrit, I knew you are now study in Netherland. But where are you from originally and what nationality? I am Thai, and for me to understand my root are national library where there are all section as record of culture and journey of trades. Also, during my time we have to go through a test...
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    computer program

    Hi Tracy, I have use Micros or Beeees.system that can be helpful for you. it is the program where you create data base for ingredients and it shall calculate the cost price per unit, where you can have your recipe input and can decide your selling price, also can be use as purchasing, inventory...
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    Should I stay or leave ??

    totally agree to have an income rather than not, Yes it is kind a used by Management especially they are confident I can do a job and already proven this for 2 years. I will see situation after these 1 - 2 months. if there is no compensate either for my staffs nor myself. sure fly chef. thank...
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    Should I stay or leave ??

    my Chef said to hold on, that's why I am still here as well as my staffs need me - we had a discussion openly and now we are trying our string chef. Bu if there any lead please let me know [email protected]
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    Should I stay or leave ??

    Thank you for the point you have made, a very solid one. in other hands my staffs are getting burnt out and seems they are leaving soon too. even we have shown the loyalty to our company but little help was very hard to get
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    Duck Ramen Advice

    Have you ever heard of Thai Duck noodle soup? its not that expensive, duck are marinated air-pump under the skin before hanged to air dried before roast, bones and trimmed are used to make it's broth. many twist into it. I am sure less cost than Japanese products in many countries. Duck Fat &...
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    Should I stay or leave ??

    Hi Chefs, I am the Executive Sous Chef in one of property in Maldives, I am not quite sure what I should do either stay or leaving property. needing advice Situation is COVID hit hard and we lost Executive Chef - a great guy but I am use to handle operation & admin alone cause of his trust where...
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    Storing Fresh Ravioli in the Fridge - SOS Pasta Experts

    Hi Chef, I am using similar process with you but for my pasta if I do a lot of fresh pasta I find that keeping in Walk-in chiller not longer than 2 days with flour bedding. the issue of getting soggy is because there is thermostat cut once temperature reached the setting then machine will stop...
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    Kitchen Aid or Bosch mixer?

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    Extent shelf-life time of the dough

    to answer about black spot, Yes it's a mold and it is Hazard. especially mold which grown in air-tide condition are more dangerous. in my kitchen we don't keep dough in chillers, my bakers are making our bread fresh daily. however some croissant and Danish though are keeping in freezer for...
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    Walking off a job with no notice .... your thoughts?

    Dear Post Master, I have never done this, but honestly I would appreciate if there a candidate would tell me the truth that's matter of honest and integrity which all chefs need from their cooks. eventually we will all learn how to deal with stuffs more professional way. for me either employer...
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