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    Vacuum Chamber Machines

    Looking for suggestions for the best vacuum chamber machines. Not looking for a “10K” model right now - am a small 1-2 person food items kit business (not full meal kits). Also, I have found a few companies who make compostable bags for the chamber machines but they are all overseas. Wondering...
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    Commerical kitchen in Los Angeles area

    Otherwise, make sure you’ve checked on The Kitchen Door for other places:
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    Commerical kitchen in Los Angeles area

    Don’t forget to check some larger churches in your area. Most are licensed as Commercial and many will rent out time.
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    Need commercial kitchen to rent

    The Kitchen Door:
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    Hello - Newest Old Fart here

    Hello to all! Certified in Cottage Food Biz but planning to go wholesale/retail/e-commerce. Whole food, plant based products. Starting a small business after losing my medical career due to a spine injury. I am wondering if anyone has tried the ‘Fillet for Chefs’ app and what you taught of it...
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