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  1. jaymer

    Hand cut French fries

    Well, some people can pull it off... "That positive energy and atmosphere is something Price also likes to carry into his product. Unchanged for 80 years, Fiske Fries are simple. Fresh potatoes cleaned and cut onsite, then fried in vegetable shortening. That’s all. What matters to Price is...
  2. jaymer

    What's Your Opinion About the Final Product in This Video?

    The final product has what you need… Onions, broth, cheese, toast. So it’s fine. Production quality is great. It’s just the foul-mouth presenter that I don’t care for. I don’t want my kids to watch these goofball gamers cussing all day long. So why should I watch this guy?
  3. jaymer

    What did you have for dinner?

    Rancho Gordo Cassoulet (Tarbais) Beans from the last bean of the month offering. Never had them and they were delish - soft & creamy. Would buy those again!
  4. jaymer

    Hand cut French fries

    I'd never agree with that statement. Thats the whole purpose of making a hand-cut fry and doing it 'the correct way'... which is a two-stage process (meaning a pre-cook then finishing cook)... it makes a FANTASTIC fry. People who LOVE french fries will go out of their way to buy hand-made...
  5. jaymer

    monosodium glutamate - chinese, soaking chicken in liquid to tenderize

    oh, i was going to say i've been doing velvet chicken at home - and this isn't what he was talking about. but thx. i'll try and get some more details from him.
  6. jaymer

    9 Sous-Vide recipes to try first

    Not really keen on that list - and I def. use my instant pot 10x more. Absolute best thing i've cooked SV is Salmon. Was like butter and amazing. But be sure you use a neutral oil. 2nd batch I used some Olive oil and it was too strong. Don't do this much cause no one else in fam. like...
  7. jaymer

    monosodium glutamate - chinese, soaking chicken in liquid to tenderize

    so i saw this chicken the other day at my local buffet. labeled "hot & spicy". not much sauce on it and looked kinda white. but REALLY tender. I figured it was quick boiled then tossed in sauce to add some color. my Gringo manager friend there said that it was super tender because it was...
  8. jaymer

    Hand cut French fries

    I pretty much do the exact same as Stephen above. I’m a french fry snob and I am happy with this product.
  9. jaymer

    baking buns for beef burgers

    Try these
  10. jaymer

    How to make the most potato-y mashed potatoes?

    After years of hand mashing potatoes, over the Thanksgiving break I found an old style cake mixer/beater in my garage, the one with the two metal beaters that push into it. I always prefer to use Yukon Golds, with or without skin, and this beater Really made fabulous potatoes. We all are aware...
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