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    Pork Scrachings

    Do you mean a cracklin? Google pork cracklin
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    Holding smoked hamburgers for service

    Ya hot holding is out of the question in my mind
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    Holding smoked hamburgers for service

    Yes more info is needed, sorry i had been drinking and was eating a smoked burger. Restaurant setting, would like to run a special, probably 1/3 or 1/2 lb. Patty, 80/20. Generally cook them Medium, they just dont have the same texture after a reheat. If you haven't smoked a burger you should...
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    Holding smoked hamburgers for service

    Plenty of smoked foods hold fine but smoked hamburgers dont do well unless they are fresh from what I've seen, any ideas? Maybe a steam to reheat? Holding hot just kills em unless they sell fast. Thx all
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    What Food Photo is More Appropriate or Enticing?

    If you have a large number of pastries staged on a tray it could look very nice, or have you thought about a buffet type presentation with lots of pastries staged in a nice way?
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    Will a tough cut of meat always get tender with braising?

    One of my chefs told me not to braise sirloin as it will just get dry. I've tried it anyways and I think he may be right
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    What Food Photo is More Appropriate or Enticing?

    They look nicer in the second picture imo. I understand that's what sheet trays look like many places, but a customer might mistake the discoloration as being dirty.
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    Cream Puff - What Am I dong wrong?

    What's your dough like? Oven temp? I've been told a higher temp start in the oven helps puff, undercooking makes them collapse also
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    Cube shaped soft boiled eggs

    That looks real nice morning glory, did you dye the yolks?
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    Cube shaped soft boiled eggs

    Ya I think I'll just have to go with experimenting and write down my results thanks rick and all
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    Cube shaped soft boiled eggs

    That's an interesting thought, part of my initial thinking was not only the soft boiled yolk but also the yolk being centered in the cube. I've see a post on here regarding centered yolks in hard boiled eggs and dont think the technique would work in a cube mold. I'm interested In freezing some...
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    Cube shaped soft boiled eggs

    Thank you all for the input, interesting article dectra
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    Cube shaped soft boiled eggs

    One of my good friends said he was at a very nice restaurant in a wealthy Colorado ski town and one component of a dish was a perfectly soft boiled egg that was perfectly square with the yolk centered perfectly (I know nothings perfect but you get the idea), and they breaded and fried it like a...
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    Best way to make Bloomin' Onions...

    I know this is a VERY old thread but one of my chef instructors in school said the trick to blooming it is when you put it in the fryer you kinda swim it but give it a good clockwise(or counterclockwise) spin, I guess it's like the centripetal force it flowers it out. Worked when I tried it...
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    Horrible Fly Problem in Restaurant Need HELP!

    I've wanted to post on an old thread but didn't want to be that guy that brought something back that maybe had been covered since. FWIW I read the old threads lol
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    Hello from OKC

    Been lurking around reading through the archives for a few months figured it was time to say hi to you nice folks. Great stuff here, love hearing the opinions from people with experience it's a great learning aid so a big thanks to all of yall the advice is appreciated. Anyone else in Oklahoma?
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