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  1. dphagan

    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    Charron, That type of service is absolutely horrible.  I'm shocked that you didn't charge the owner for your services making coffee, cooking breakfast, bussing your own tables, etc. 
  2. dphagan

    What are the best knives for a culinary student?

    Check with your school first.  Mine requires students to buy a specific set of knives from the bookstore.  It is a very nice set of knives, of course.  The issue is that they wanted everyone to have all of the equipment they would need and rather than say "Bring one chefs knife, one paring...
  3. dphagan

    what should I except going into school for pastry and baking arts

    Hello again Ashley, First, don't be scared.  I was a little scared too because I figured that there would be a lot of people with more experience than me.  Turns out my lab partner and I are the stars of the class.  She has some experience, but what makes us star pupils is simple.  (1) We pay...
  4. dphagan

    I think my Chef/Instructor has it in for me. Am I paranoid?

    Ayrin is right.  Chances are your Chef sees you as the most promising student in the class.  Your chef wants you to excel, so he critiques your dishes much more harshly, so you'll work even harder.  Its like that in every branch of school.  The person the professor 'picks on' is usually the one...
  5. dphagan

    Making your own vanilla?

    Bourbon vanilla is a type of vanilla.  There are two main types of vanilla, and one other that is harder to find.  Madagascar Bourbon vanilla comes from, guess where, that's right Madagascar.  Tahitian vanilla comes from Tahiti.  Both taste slightly different.  Tahitian vanilla has a slight...
  6. dphagan

    Problems with Chocolate Chip cookies

    My first question is where did you move from.  If you moved from a dry climate to the much more moist Central Oregon coast, could it be moisture that is causing your problems?  I'm just a beginning culinary student, but steam helps a baguette form a good crust, maybe the excess moisture in the...
  7. dphagan

    I am looking for other soon to be pastry art students...or pastry art students already in school

    Hi Ashley, I'm Dave.  I just started Culinary School at the Anne Arundel Community College, Hospitality Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute (HCAT) in Arnold, MD.  The semester started about a month ago, but due to record setting snow (we got 5 feet at my house), we're only on the 4th week of...
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