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    Tightened Up Pesto?

    This seems a little elementary, but I'm struggling to tighten up a pesto (to be drizzled over caprese skewers, served cold), so that it holds together and looks neat, instead of the oil separating out and the whole thing looking runny and sloppy. Any suggestions?
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    Popcorn for Catering

    Hi All, I've just gotten a request to do popcorn for a 200 person event, among other apps...Waiting on more info from the client on what they really want, but I'm just curious how people pull off popcorn...just rent a popcorn machine (this event definitely has a whimsical vibe), or serve in...
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    Catering Marketing Suggestions

    I'm looking to market the catering business. Budget is modest, maybe 500/month to start, but I'd like to hear any suggestions that people have, regardless of cost.
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    Catering Marketing Suggestions

    I started the catering program out of a unique restaurant (the restaurant is a nonprofit, pay-what-you-can model; catering proceeds support the mission of the restaurant) a bit less than a year ago and growth has been pleasantly steady just due to people who know and like the restaurant, want to...
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