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    Holding smoked hamburgers for service

    Plenty of smoked foods hold fine but smoked hamburgers dont do well unless they are fresh from what I've seen, any ideas? Maybe a steam to reheat? Holding hot just kills em unless they sell fast. Thx all
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    Cube shaped soft boiled eggs

    One of my good friends said he was at a very nice restaurant in a wealthy Colorado ski town and one component of a dish was a perfectly soft boiled egg that was perfectly square with the yolk centered perfectly (I know nothings perfect but you get the idea), and they breaded and fried it like a...
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    Hello from OKC

    Been lurking around reading through the archives for a few months figured it was time to say hi to you nice folks. Great stuff here, love hearing the opinions from people with experience it's a great learning aid so a big thanks to all of yall the advice is appreciated. Anyone else in Oklahoma?
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