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  1. wrenchmetal

    Worst things about being a Chef

    gnarly. yeah we play tricks on each other like that all the time. keeps you on your toes
  2. wrenchmetal

    Chef Fashion

    oh and by the way happy chef will also custom embroider your chef coat if you buy it from them i definitely have a coat that says, "Skip sous chef Who's Your Daddy?"
  3. wrenchmetal

    Chef Fashion

    i found chef coats on happy chef that are really light. and they have ventillation holes on the sides and the upper back. that's for when it's really hot and want to look presentable. but my kitchen gets 150 degrees in the summer time so most days it's a tee shirt from my restaurant, the...
  4. wrenchmetal

    Tilapia--YUCK! Like eating a rat!!

    i'm not big on it either. it has a metallic taste that i can't get past. what i found makes it edible, is broiling it. broil it in a pan with some butter. and then put a little chablis and lemon juice on top. sprinkle with some seasoning. i found that old bay works really well. the wine really...
  5. wrenchmetal

    Does anyone have a punching bag in the kitchen!

       my last line cook job, i requested off 3 months in advance to go to my mother-in-laws wedding. when the day came and they made the schedule, i was sheduled to work a double. i went to my executive chef and politely asked what the deal was. she told me her husband and her made dinner...
  6. wrenchmetal

    Worst things about being a Chef

    i've got a few -when the front of house manager tries to tell you how to prepare a ticket, because he/she sees food under the heat lamp. -your boss telling you that you got a raise, but not telling you how much. then you check your paycheck to find out you've gotten 50 cent raise. what the...
  7. wrenchmetal

    ever feel burnout?

    i can DEFINITELY see how that sort of thing can happen. I don't remember the last time i enjoyed a night out on a weekend. every weekend is filled with 10-15 hours shifts. it can relatively relentless at times. The only advice i can offer, is adjust the circumstances of your life to work with...
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