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  1. La Jolie Chef

    Head count dropped over 50%

    Original number of proposed guests for this function was 70. I anticipated final number might be down by 10- 15%. Final head count 2 weeks before the event is 40 people!!! Simple menu, buffet ..I gave her a good price for this piccata, green beans and rigtoni with vodka sauce and threw in 10...
  2. La Jolie Chef

    Sales tax in CT and Gratuity

    Hi All, When applying sales tax to a final catering bill, I am going to apply it to the total amount of "Food" only at 7.35% in CT? And regarding Gratuity, I know some companies put in right in the contract 18% gratuity requested. Others say simply Gratuity appreciated and leave it up to the...
  3. La Jolie Chef

    "Non refundable deposit"

    This client paid the Deposit of $200 to book the date. My contract says "non refundable" It does not specify anything about taking it off bill if job goes through as planned, but clearly this client is interpreting it as such. How do you all handle the initial deposit? Do you take it off final...
  4. La Jolie Chef

    Cancellation of Contract due to Death in family of Client

    I am rewriting my contract. (Hypothetically), in the event that there were a death,accident or act of God in the client's family who has booked the date, and given deposit for food and then at that juncture cancelled. Would they be responsible for whole agreed upon remaining balance due ? I...
  5. La Jolie Chef

    Deposit for booking Event Dates

    What is consensus of opinion on this? Charging a nonrefundable deposit in order to book/ hold a date for a Client's function be it a Catering gig or a Cooking Class/ Dinner Party. And regarding Gratuity, do you state in the contract,a 20% gratuity is appreciated? Thanks for feedback
  6. La Jolie Chef

    Contract Faux pas

    In my contract for a very lucrative job that I did on Christmas Day I put in a clause to protect me, the Chef/Owner in the event of a cancellation,which did not happen. However, the Client did cancel the Waiter 2 weeks before the Event. I do not know if the waiter found other work. Most other...
  7. La Jolie Chef

    Rec 35% Deposit but client stalling signing contract

    Client paid $200 nonrefundable deposit to book date a month ago and just sent 35% deposit of $650 . I have asked multiple times for her to sign contract. They are stalling. Suggestions? Gig is sit down dinner Xmas day La Jolie Chef
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