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  1. chefpeon

    Frozen mirror glaze

    jcakes has an excellent suggestion. A sprayed velvet finish is as stunning as a shiny one. You also don't have to worry how your ice cream cake is built (ice cream on top or cake on top). I've used a Wagner Spray Gun designated for food only and filled it with 50/50 melted cocoa butter and...
  2. chefpeon

    Frozen mirror glaze

    Another thought: All the ice cream cakes I’ve done (and seen) have the ice cream in the middle of two layers or more of cake. So if you’re pouring a glaze on top, over the cake, you won’t lose your edges like if you’d poured warm glaze directly over the ice cream.
  3. chefpeon

    Frozen mirror glaze

    I'm not really talking about doing anything Dairy-Queen-esque. There are many types of simple and classy ways to dress up an ice cream cake. Mirror glaze isn't going to work, obviously, because of the nature of the cake being frozen. There's tons of other things you can do....for instance have...
  4. chefpeon

    Frozen mirror glaze

    I think when it comes to ice cream cakes you have to accept your limitations. There are some things you just can't do with them. Also, considering the fact that you really can't display them for very long outside of a frozen environment leads me to the conclusion that decorating an ice cream...
  5. chefpeon

    Flavouring tapioca pearls

    Well that's unfortunate. Where exactly did things go wrong?
  6. chefpeon

    Vanilla cake mix - Technical issues

    After reading this answer, I will ask if your team is adding the butter first and then the oil and not both at the same time?
  7. chefpeon

    Vanilla cake mix - Technical issues

    So, first thing in regard to cake mixes. It's very important to mix the cakes as recommended by the manufacturer and the instructions are usually on the bag. Are they following the instructions to the T? Are you able to visit that location and observe what they might be doing wrong? Does the...
  8. chefpeon

    Slice slicer/Marker

    I think what you're looking for is a guitar cutter:
  9. chefpeon

    Deep fry cake donuts advice

    I haven't fried donuts since pastry school but I do remember that donut batter is quite fussy. Dough/batter temp is important, as is distance from the depositor to the fat line. I found a technical manual online that is totally refreshing my memory: (the last page has good troubleshooting)
  10. chefpeon

    Flavouring tapioca pearls

    From the research I've done, it seems you can't really flavor boba pearls that are already made. All I could find is that some people would soak the pearls in a honey or sugar solution to sweeten them up. Tapioca pearls are starch encased in a layer of gelatinized starch which is fairly...
  11. chefpeon

    Cold display cases for cakes

    Refrigeration is refrigeration. The type of refrigeration in a display case is no different than any other type of refrigeration. A cut cake will dry out unless the sides are protected; usually with plastic wrap or acetate.
  12. chefpeon

    Looking for advice on Puff Pastry Production.

    Well, without knowing the other specific variables involved ie. mixing time and technique, ambient temperature, specific ingredients, etc, and the fact that you said it's a problem you've had lately, my best guess is that taking your dough out to the width of the belt is what is causing the...
  13. chefpeon

    Gluten development in wheat dough! Whole wheat bagels!

    It sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it too. Simply put, if you want your bagels to have that chew without the sawdust/crumble thing going on, you're going to have to put some bread flour or vital wheat gluten in them, and probably more than you would like. But that's just kind of...
  14. chefpeon

    Baking Macarons in Deck Oven

    Regardless of your oven brand or type, the only way you're going to know your optimum baking temp, is by experimenting with your oven. It may not be calibrated and even though the dial says 300, it may not be actually baking at that temp. The only way to know is to put a thermometer inside the...
  15. chefpeon

    Recs for small custom metal work

    Hey, this is good info, so thanks for sharing that. Just curious, in regard to ChefRubber, I know you put in a request with them. How did that go?
  16. chefpeon

    Recs for small custom metal work

    My first suggestion is ChefRubber. They have a page especially for emailing them about custom projects and tools: ChefRubber custom projects Also, what is it you don't like about croissant roller/cutters that already exist? Is it just a size issue?
  17. chefpeon

    Caramelized pie crust for ice cream

    I would think that even caramelized, the sugar will attract the water present in the ice cream, and just liquefy again. I think the only "protection" for the fruit pie pieces would have to be fat-based. How about coating them in white chocolate?
  18. chefpeon

    Over bearing boss, wont let me take creme brulee off the menu

    It's always amazed/infuriated me to no end how inventive I could get with desserts, but people would order the "old standards" time after time. There's a reason vanilla ice cream is always listed as the number one ice cream flavor. People want what they want. Dessert, of all courses, is the one...
  19. chefpeon

    Keeping your restaurant and staff during the global crisis

    Wow dude. Why is it that you think you're right and everyone else, including the epidemiologists that are sounding the alarms about this (because there is NO leadership or game plan at the federal level), is mistaken? Again, I would say you need to hop on to an epidemiologist's forum and set...
  20. chefpeon

    Keeping your restaurant and staff during the global crisis

    Yeah, except you seem to be rejecting and discounting the reports and advice of EXPERTS in their fields to make your points. I don't know exactly what it is that YOU'RE reading, but everything I'm reading points to the fact that your opinions could be based on what the fringe element wants you...
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