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  1. mr.farenheight

    Pate de fruit /help needed

    Hello, I have ran into a few problems in my recent making of Pate de fruit. They look,taste,smell, great and have the right texture ;however when I attempt to coat them in sugar the jellies absorb the sugar and leave liquid on the surface of the jellies. I did not refrigerate them, and I even...
  2. mr.farenheight

    NL Chefs! Short stage?

    Hello, My name is Steven C. Gregory, I am 21 and I will be flying into Amsterdam from New York in the begining of November. During my first trip 2 years ago I was amazed to see the variety of pastry and chocolate shops in and around the city. When I returned home I was inspired to...
  3. mr.farenheight

    Belgian chocolate Academy

    Hello everybody I just finished up my work as a volunteer at a local bakeshop that does in store sales as well as delivery to resturants,parties,ect. I have been none-stop in reading pastry/baking, chocolate textbooks My favorit is BO FRIBERG's Professional pastry chef series. Anyhow let...
  4. mr.farenheight

    Poured fondant problem

    Hello everyone, I have been making a few batches petit fours coated in white, dark, and milk, chocolate and some in marzipan and they all come out great . I just recently tried to coat a batch of swiss chocolate layer cake petit fours with a poured fondant mixed with a fresh...
  5. mr.farenheight

    really need some schooling advise

    Hello, I am strongly considering enrolling in the CIA in Hyde Park,NY for AOS in pastry and baking. Right now I am in the process of fulfilling my required 6 months of work experience; as an assistant at a local bakery.In addition I have worked as bus boy.expeditor,runner and a short stay as...
  6. mr.farenheight

    Hello, New to Chef talk forum

    Hi, Just wanting to say hello to everyone. I am new here and hope you all can help me out with some questions and if I can i'll help you all out with whatever.
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