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  1. mr.farenheight

    Pate de fruit /help needed

    Hello, I have ran into a few problems in my recent making of Pate de fruit. They look,taste,smell, great and have the right texture ;however when I attempt to coat them in sugar the jellies absorb the sugar and leave liquid on the surface of the jellies. I did not refrigerate them, and I even...
  2. mr.farenheight

    I am new here

    Welcome, My name is Steven I am 21 from ny. It looks to me like your english skills are excellent, I am sure you will do fine here. Where in The Netherlands are your from? When I visited The Netherlands I fell in love with it with there; it is so beautiful. I cannot wait to return, it...
  3. mr.farenheight

    Thinking to leave CIA to other school

    Hello Novani, I was just wondering what was so bad about the program at the CIA? Wich degree were you pursuing? I am just curious because it seems that many prople speak ill of The CIA and their Graduates.
  4. mr.farenheight

    NL Chefs! Short stage?

    Hello, My name is Steven C. Gregory, I am 21 and I will be flying into Amsterdam from New York in the begining of November. During my first trip 2 years ago I was amazed to see the variety of pastry and chocolate shops in and around the city. When I returned home I was inspired to...
  5. mr.farenheight

    The Restaurant School in Philly

    Hello, I am goiming to be visiting the restaurant school sometime within the next few weeks for more insight into the Associates program in Pastry. How would you describe the school,Instructors,cirriculumect. Anything you have to say I would love to hear. Thank You
  6. mr.farenheight

    Belgian chocolate Academy

    Hello everybody I just finished up my work as a volunteer at a local bakeshop that does in store sales as well as delivery to resturants,parties,ect. I have been none-stop in reading pastry/baking, chocolate textbooks My favorit is BO FRIBERG's Professional pastry chef series. Anyhow let...
  7. mr.farenheight

    Poured fondant problem

    I decided to try to add a miniscule amount of xanath gum and it firmed up really well, no sticky fingers. I found that you can combine a puree with a white chocolate coating to get a firm textured outside .
  8. mr.farenheight

    Poured fondant problem

    Hello everyone, I have been making a few batches petit fours coated in white, dark, and milk, chocolate and some in marzipan and they all come out great . I just recently tried to coat a batch of swiss chocolate layer cake petit fours with a poured fondant mixed with a fresh...
  9. mr.farenheight

    The Culinary Institute of America

    HELLo, In the AOS in Pastry /Baking program at the CIA there is a section where you work in one of on campus restaurants. What is this like? what is the day to day. Also what is a normal class day at the CIA like?
  10. mr.farenheight

    really need some schooling advise

    Hello, I am strongly considering enrolling in the CIA in Hyde Park,NY for AOS in pastry and baking. Right now I am in the process of fulfilling my required 6 months of work experience; as an assistant at a local bakery.In addition I have worked as bus boy.expeditor,runner and a short stay as...
  11. mr.farenheight

    Hello, New to Chef talk forum

    Hi, Just wanting to say hello to everyone. I am new here and hope you all can help me out with some questions and if I can i'll help you all out with whatever.
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