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    Grinding meat without a grinder......??

    I was thinking about the actual Italian version of Bolognese ragú, they actually grinded the mirepoix along with the meat! Genius, right? So then I thought about another thing, this actual trick for grating fresh mozzarella: freeze it. And moving on my own ideas, I thoguht: What if I froze the...
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    Ossobuco in pressure cooker?

    I'm thinking in a recipe of my own and I'm considering using a pressure cooker to prepare the beef shank but I don't know if it's a good idea. I'm planning to use the cooking liquid to make a sauce afterwards, so I've got two questions: 1. Would I loose flavor in the remaining cooking liquid if...
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    Boiling stock?

    I was watching this veal stock (or demi-glace) video on YouTube and the guy said eagerly that the stock shouldn't be boiling but instead just simmered. Why is this? Is there any particular reason? Thank you all for your attention.
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    Meringue situation

    Meringue I've made Kaisserschmarren twice and for this desert well, you need to beat egg whites for it to rise. I've got three questions. 1. I have a big problem with the "beat egg whites" part, but I don't know where to begin: I add salt and lemon juice before I start beating them at...
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