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  1. luc_h

    Make your own siracha sauce

    Do you make your own hot sauce? If yes, would you share the recipe? Being a fermented food, I think I'll try this recipe out. Luc H.
  2. luc_h

    Any salt snobs out there?

    How much of a difference would this salt make in a recipe? Luc H.
  3. luc_h

    Pie shell : Home ec trick

    In the past I would give Home-ec course in my community centre which included simple recipes, techniques, food science/safety basics, nutrition, label interpretation and tricks to be efficient in the kitchen. One trick I developed and have never seen anywhere else is how to store pie shells. ...
  4. luc_h

    recovering from a cast iron disaster- step by step for the home cook.

    I rarely start threads but I thought this subject might be helpful to some home cooks. Yes this is another thread about cast iron.  Sorry for the long post. Long intro (you may skip this part) There is a dominant cook in every household. That's me in my home.  I haven't taken the time to...
  5. luc_h

    International wishes for the Holidays

    Where I come from (Montréal, Québec, Canada), we say Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015 like this: "Joyeux Noël et, Bonne et Heureuse année en 2015" Little known fact: You can identify a Québecer that lives in your neighbourhood if his Christmas tree or outside lights have no colour...
  6. luc_h

    can we predict the source of the E. Coli contamination in Germany?

    Ever since I started graduate studies, I have been amazed by what a bunch of intelligent people can come up by collaborating. I wonder if by collaborating we can predict the source on the E. Coli contamination: Let me start some ideas: Escherichia coli is a fecal bacterium.  (fecal coliform)...
  7. luc_h

    Mozzarella scandal in Italy

    What is your take on this? excerpt: ...revelation last week that a quarter of Italian buffalo mozzarella may contain cow’s milk. Under the PDO protected status buffalo mozzarella should only contain buffalo milk. ... Read on here: Mozzarella scandal unlikely to upset demand, says analyst I do...
  8. luc_h

    Crazy recipes using hotdogs

    Hey this one is crazy. Crazy Hot Dogs at - Gross Hot Dog Recipes I particularly like the spaghetti one. Looks can be deceiving because it is actually simple to do. how about a crazy condimenty with that!! 8 Crazy Condiments TGIF!!! Luc H.
  9. luc_h

    Japanese food art

    these are cute sticky rice scultures as food. The have a definate cutness factor to them: God, DotA, Leadership, Funny, SEO - PJ LightHouse Food Art: Cool Japanese Rice Art - Travel, Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, Food, Videos, Junk, SEO, Crazy, Adsense, Love, Tips & Tricks Luc H.
  10. luc_h

    Innovative (?!?) Ice cream flavours

    There are some really interesting flavours here: Unique Ice Cream Flavors at - Weird Ice Cream Recipes Luc H.
  11. luc_h

    10 ways to eat more bacon!!!

    Here are interesting ideas?! 10 Ways to Eat More Bacon : Elvis, Metallica?everybody loves it! - CHOW Luc H.
  12. luc_h

    Grow a square watermelon

    For those extreme or bored gardeners Grow a square watermelon Luc H.
  13. luc_h

    finally equality for all (funny)

    For once a website caters to zombies!!! (they have needs as well) ZombieHarmony - One of the Best Free Dating Sites for Zombies Luc H.
  14. luc_h

    The portrait of health

    What a portrait of good health! What a role model for women's health (and an excellent actress as well) Helen Mirren the bikini queen reigns supreme at 63 | Mail Online Luc H.
  15. luc_h

    origins of certain condiments: article

    Hmmm I don't know enough to know if all this history is accurate or not. mental_floss Blog » Pass the Knowledge: The Origins of Your Favorite Condiments Luc H
  16. luc_h

    the new super fruit! (?)

    Here is another fruit nobody has probably heard about but will soon... Fruit with six times the vitamin C of an orange heading for UK supermarkets | Mail Online Luc H.
  17. luc_h

    13 things your waiter will not tell you

    This from Reader's Digest. Sound advice for the most part. Waiters Share Restaurant Stories | Advice and Know-How | Reader's Digest Luc H.
  18. luc_h

    Healthy food on a budget

    For those that have a tight budget (or getting tighter with price increases) this is a good list of healthy food (under a buck). The 20 Healthiest Foods for Under $1 Luc H.
  19. luc_h

    St-Jean Baptiste day (June 24th)-Québec

    A little culture tidbit from my neck of the woods! Yesterday was Quebec's (national) Holiday: St-Jean-Baptiste day. A Christian/Catholic holiday that is now synonymous with Québec. Who was St-Jean Baptiste? He was the one that baptized Jesus. Many late night celebrations have been happening...
  20. luc_h

    Wireless popcorn(!?)

    Can you hear me now? (a novel way to make popcorn with ... you guessed it .... cell phones.) YouTube - Pop corn et tÃ169lÃ169phone, ça marche en France ! Luc H.
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