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  1. flipchefino

    calamari flour mix

    hi need helpp.. im trying to get the best "flour mix" recipe for a buttermilk calamari, , the recipe should not have any eggs or a batter. i have tried marinating the squid in buttermilk then dredging in equal parts of flour and masa harina, its good but not as crispy as i want it to be. Any...
  2. flipchefino

    Ramen noodles turns broth thick?

    hi chefs how do i avoid my broth turning thicker in viscosity after i put in my freshly cooked ramen noodles??
  3. flipchefino

    How does "Nuoc Mau" should taste like? ( vietnamese caramel )

    Hi chefs Trying to make nuoc mau for my menu , it kinda tastes bitter. does it have to be bitter? as i dont know how it should taste like.
  4. flipchefino

    Expo line window

    Hi Chefs, Im trying to find out the proper term for the " expo line window"? Where you put up the food when its ready. I always used the term " window " but is there a universal term for that? As i am trying to get it replaced, just want to make sure the person im going to send the...
  5. flipchefino

    Can i use fresh Yakisoba noodles ( fortune brand) for ramen?

    Hi chefs Im trying to find out if theres a difference between fresh yakisoba noodles and fresh ramen noodles? Can i use fresh yakisoba for ramen? There is this brand called " fortune " they make fresh yakisoba noodles, the thing is i cannot really order it from my vendor, as it come in bulks...
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