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  1. 2gottza

    So successful..they no longer need my services? Riiiiiiight!!!

    First off, I want to thank all of you for supporting my issue I had posted awhile back about my labor & food cost deal. I kept my head down and kept doing my job and doing it well! As of January 19th, I was giving notice that my last day will be January 23rd. Due to the fact of "the...
  2. 2gottza

    Labor Cost help PLEASE???

    I am in a full servise restaurant. I have been in this industry for 24 years and have been an Exec Chef for the past 14 of those years. We have been open for 9 month and have 975.000.00 in "TOTAL SALES" My food cost has been average of 20-22% not including my inventory. If I were to add 8-10%...
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