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  1. cremedelacreme

    Recommended Individual French Pastry Recipe/Cookbooks...?

    one of the best books you might find (expensive though) is... the advanced pastry chef by bo friberg they sell it on amazon.
  2. cremedelacreme

    is becoming a pastry chef the smart move?

    It all depends on how far you are willing to go.... if you are that passionate then follow your dreams i live in the UK and if you work in the UK or EUROPE as a pastry chef then you are the most highest paid because pastry is a skilled job...not that cooking isnt but cooking is an art pastry is...
  3. cremedelacreme

    Any And All Professional Bakers -- Quantity Pie Crusts

    personaly i would use for a pie crust a half fat to flour method, 8lbs of selfrasing flour 4lbs of fat (2lbs butter/marg 2lbs lard) 2lbs water or to bind as for the salt this depends on the salt content contained within the lard if it is salted dont bother adding any same for the butter ...
  4. cremedelacreme

    chocolate spray gun

    We call these spray guns an air brush hence the term air brushing, you only need to use fat soluable coco butter you can buy it ready coloured or use powdered colours but make sure the butter is warm first and heat your air brush uo eather with a hairdryer or hold it over a heat source but be...
  5. cremedelacreme

    Cakes for cargving..

    Hi there a simple pound cake should do the trick but as mentioned before freeze the cake then when you are ready to carve it take it out an hour or two before depending on the size, try carving it when it has almost defrosted but not compleatly.. another trick is to put the cake in the...
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