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  1. momsdacook

    Running out of bbq sauce

     Hi, You have been so helpful to me so far, I have another request. I found the best bbq sauce a few years ago when I tasted it at a festival. I ordered it by the case until they decided to stop making sauce and hit the road on their Harleys. This was the best bbq sauce for ribs...
  2. momsdacook

    Chicago food

     I am going to be in Chicago for a weekend in May. I've always wanted to go and I'm planning things to do to maximize the time I have there.  I've been wondering whether the walking and eating tours are fun. I went to one in NYC and loved it. I don't want to spend a fortune on dinners so I'd...
  3. momsdacook

    Menu for baby shower

     Hi, I could use some help with menu ideas for a baby shower I'm giving. Because of many factors, I need to have this on a week night and I would like it to serve as dinner for people. I would like to be able to make most of it in advance and to possibly freeze the items. I'm set with desserts...
  4. momsdacook

    Passover vegetarian recipes

     I am having people for the first Sedar this year and two of them are vegetarians. They do eat eggs and cheese. I am not comfortable using cheese because the rest of the meal contains meat. I do not want them to be eating just sides so I thought that some kind of vegetable loaf that could be...
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