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  1. ricwhiting

    Pasta for Chinese noodles ?

    I don't recall ever making Chinese noodles in all of my 55 years of cooking. So, because I live in Mexico, and Chinese fresh noodles are not available, I was wondering if I could use linguini instead ? Many recipes on the www, of course, but which spice/seasoning would you recommend ? I plan on...
  2. ricwhiting

    Best fat for southern biscuits ?

    I have always used Crisco shortening when making my Southern biscuits but for health reasons I am going to stop using Crisco (hydrogenated =very bad for arteries). So, I switched to using butter, however I do not get the same high-rise. I am hoping that I can get a discussion going to look at...
  3. ricwhiting

    difficulty going back and changing a typo

    it may very well be something I am doing wrong but when I see a typo in the main body of the post, I can't set the cursor to erase the typo. I find that I must erase all of the post back to the typo and only then correct it. Hmm ?
  4. ricwhiting

    Slightly bitter after taste ???

    My hush puppies have a slightly bitter after taste. Any idea why ? recipe: 1 cup corn meal 1/4 cup AP flour 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 3/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp blk pepper ------------- 1 whole egg...
  5. ricwhiting

    Help needed with thick coating for shrimp

    a while back I was in New Orleans and I had a delicious shrimp that was thickly coated with a type of corn meal batter. I'd guess the coating was about 3/8 inch thick, but it was light and fluffy. It was deep-fried. I have been playing around with various prep methods but it does not come up...
  6. ricwhiting

    Problem with Mexican whipping cream

    Last night I was ready to fold the whipped cream into my coconut pie filling. The cream, the bowl and beaters were ice cold. (Being in Mexico I should tell all that it was the kind kept in the dairy case, not in a can.) BIG problem: that cream simply would not come up to semi-stiff peaks. Having...
  7. ricwhiting

    Autolyse discussion

    Once again, there is a wide difference of opinion among Bread Book authors. Most say that an autolyse is  the combing of the flour and water (no yeast or salt ) mixing for 2 or 3 minutues and resting for a period,  usually 15-30 minutes to begin the passive process of combining the glutenin and...
  8. ricwhiting

    Major problem with my lean dough

    I have been trying (failing) to make a decent French bread. I have followed formulas in Peter Reinhart, Rose Levy Beranbaum, and Daniel T. DiMuzio baking books.Dozens and dozens of times. But one thing that has me stumped is that I ALWAYS get gigantic bubbles in my fermented dough. When I dump...
  9. ricwhiting

    beef tenderizer

    Hello All,  I have moved from the U.S. to a country that does not have quality beef. I need help finding a way to tenderize the beef. I know, of course, that I can pound the beef with the spiked end of a mallet. This works ok for swiss steak etc. But if, for example, I wanted to make beef stew...
  10. ricwhiting

    coq au vin

    It's been quite awhile since I tried to make Coq Au Vin so, I don't recall exactly how I prepared it, but suffice to say it was hideous looking.  The chicken breast was exactly the color of the burgandy wine I used. I'm game to try again but not if I end up with deep burgandy colored chicken...
  11. ricwhiting

    lactic acid development

    Hello All, I am interested in getting your thoughts on developing a maximum amount of lactic acid in my pre'ferment. Recipe, 1/4 cup water mixed with 1/8 tsp dry yeast, set aside.                                     65 gm. A.P. flour                                     10 gm W.W. flour...
  12. ricwhiting

    weep-proof meringue?

    I have been attempting to make a truly weep-proof meringue for pies and I have had some limited success but I need some guidence.  To make the meringue I use 3 egg white(with-out a hint of yolk), 3/8 tsp cream of tartar and 6 Tblsp sugar. I have tried doing the meringue by combining the egg...
  13. ricwhiting

    Desperate in Asia

    I know this may sound like a pretty strange question but, here it goes. I am a retiree living in the Philippines and cooking is my life. Until recently I have been able to obtain a browning and flavoring sauce known as "Kitchen Bouquet". For the last 50 years I have been using Kitchen Bouquet in...
  14. ricwhiting

    Corned Beef help needed

    I am over-seas and I want to make my own corned beef. The problem is that I no longer have access to the "cure" that I used back home. Please don't give me a brand name to use because they woun't have it here. What I need is the name of the chemical that both cures the meat and keeps it red...
  15. ricwhiting

    Flour Tortilla

    I live over-seas and need a good way to make flour tortillas from scratch. Please note: I do not need a recipe USING flour tortillas. I need a recipe for making flour tortillas. Thanks for your help.
  16. ricwhiting

    need help with french bread

    I'm baking AT HOME. NO STEAM OVEN. That said, is it possible to get quality results. I use bread flour, dried yeast, table salt and water, nothing else. I just can not seem to get that thin brittle crust that I'm looking for. I've tried: cast iron pan on the floor of the oven with ice cubes...
  17. ricwhiting

    Heads up, Italians

    I'm stranded over-seas in Asia and if I don't get some good pizza soon I'm gonna die. Problem is very bad pepperoni over here. Ok, so I make my own. Right? I need a good recipe. Please write the recipe for some-one who has never even seen it made. Many Thanks
  18. ricwhiting

    Need help in the Far East

    I am a retired cook living in The Philippines. I'm helping a friend get his new restaurant open. As you may know, quality beef over here is very hard to come by. To make metters worse, the folks who man the meat counters have no idea what a roast is. I may have located a market that does its...
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