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    Advice for better fries

    Hey y'all so I've taken upon myself to improve the fries at a bar restaurant which was done the way the previous cook did it: 1. Wash potatoes, fry cutter, soak in water overnight with bit of lemon juice 2. Fry at 250F for 6 mins, chill then fry at 375F They normally come out very dark, mostly...
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    Splurged on JCK's Carbonext sale, have noob q's

    Blades are being delivered, I'm super excited about my first Japanese steel (270 gyuto and 150 petty). There's a few things I want to consolidate: maintenance and whetstones. I've been using a Kiwi and a 1k/4k Bearmoo whetstone which has been a decent mega budget setup for prepping veggies which...
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