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  1. momsdacook

    Running out of bbq sauce

    Kuan, Even though I'm expecting 12 bottles to arrive any day, I'm going to try to make the recipe you gave.  I am not a professional cook and had no idea how much of any of the ingredients to use. You gave me a place to begin my experimentation. I'll let you know how it comes out. Thanks, Sheila
  2. momsdacook

    Running out of bbq sauce

     I met and tasted the bbq sauce at a Garlic Festival in Saugherties, NY last year. I continued to order the sauce until they notified me they were closing. I did go to the site Schmoozer suggested and they posted the ingredients in order: Peaches, jalapeno peppers, tomato concentrate, apricots...
  3. momsdacook

    Running out of bbq sauce

     Hi, You have been so helpful to me so far, I have another request. I found the best bbq sauce a few years ago when I tasted it at a festival. I ordered it by the case until they decided to stop making sauce and hit the road on their Harleys. This was the best bbq sauce for ribs...
  4. momsdacook

    Chicago food

     I am going to be in Chicago for a weekend in May. I've always wanted to go and I'm planning things to do to maximize the time I have there.  I've been wondering whether the walking and eating tours are fun. I went to one in NYC and loved it. I don't want to spend a fortune on dinners so I'd...
  5. momsdacook

    Menu for baby shower

     Hi, Thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I'm going to do two lasagna's, one with veg and one with sausage. I'll serve meatballs on the side. I am planning a large antipasto plate with veg and meats and cheeses. Some form of bread added to all that and I think we'll be fine. I appreciate...
  6. momsdacook

    Menu for baby shower

     It's funny that I give too much info when I talk but not enough when I write. I wanted to serve enough for dinner but it will not be a sit down so buffet it is. I had lasagne, antipasto and meatballs( I have about 100 frozen)in mind but I thought that was too much of the same thing that I...
  7. momsdacook

    Menu for baby shower

     Hi, I could use some help with menu ideas for a baby shower I'm giving. Because of many factors, I need to have this on a week night and I would like it to serve as dinner for people. I would like to be able to make most of it in advance and to possibly freeze the items. I'm set with desserts...
  8. momsdacook

    Passover vegetarian recipes

    This recipe looks really good. Could I add mushrooms or maybe make a mushroom sauce? Thanks.
  9. momsdacook

    Recipe Organization

     Why don't you copy them and paste them onto a blank document. I do that and keep them in a folder on my Macbook.
  10. momsdacook

    Passover vegetarian recipes

     I would like the recipes for the nut/vegetable loaves. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. 
  11. momsdacook

    Passover vegetarian recipes

     I am planning to make matzo balls in veggie broth for my friends. The part I obviously left out is that we don't eat beans of any kind during Passover and this has been the problem with finding recipes. So I am looking for vegetarian main courses with no beans or dairy which is what I should...
  12. momsdacook

    Passover vegetarian recipes

     I am having people for the first Sedar this year and two of them are vegetarians. They do eat eggs and cheese. I am not comfortable using cheese because the rest of the meal contains meat. I do not want them to be eating just sides so I thought that some kind of vegetable loaf that could be...
  13. momsdacook

    Braiding Bread

    I am by no means an expert baker. However, I have been making challah (braided egg bread) for about 40 years. I found when I used to braid from one end to the other, that the first part of the bread would look different from the last part. Usually the braid was tighter nearer the end. Since I've...
  14. momsdacook

    Needed: deli style dessert possibilities

    Mezzaluna, How about trying a chocolate babka? I've used one from the website that is easy and delicious. My other suggestion would be to make apple (or another kind of fruit) strudel using phyllo dough. This is also easy and both desserts are typical deli fare.
  15. momsdacook

    need help with pecan pie

    I have used grade B maple syrup for pecan pie and prefer it. I believe I found the recipe on Epicurious. I don't know if you can exchange maple syrup for corn syrup cup for cup.
  16. momsdacook

    Dom Deluise died

    Dom Deluise's first cookbook was Eat This You'll Feel Better and was the best. I had never been able to make tender flavorful meatballs until I tried his recipe. I've been using this recipe for at least 15 years. My children are now using the recipe as well. Reading the book was as enjoyable as...
  17. momsdacook

    building our new home

    We just finished our kitchen about 9 months ago. I have a Thermador five burner gas cook top on one side of the room and a double oven( GE) on the other. This has been wonderful when my husband and I both cook. I really like the Thermador five burner and the oven are fine as well. Don't forget...
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