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  1. kongfeet

    Will a tough cut of meat always get tender with braising?

    Based on my experience, in order for meat to get "tender" after 3 to 4 hours of braising, you need two things: marbling (as in shortribs and point cut brisket)and sinew (as in oxtails and shanks). Bottom round, for example, has neither, thus will not get tender, that is, tender in a pleasant...
  2. kongfeet

    Why Doesn't My Chinese Food Taste Like The Restaurants?

    I was waiting for someone to say it and finally... So true... It's MSG. And maybe a well seasoned wok. You just cannot develop that kind deep flavor in such short time span without relying on a short cut. 
  3. kongfeet

    Tonkotsu Ramen Broth...something went wrong

    Before you blanch the pork bones, try soaking them in several changes of cold water overnight to draw out blood, much like how you would prepare sweetbreads. And when you blanch them, I think you should do it on low to med heat. Looking at the amount of bones you used, I think it should take...
  4. kongfeet

    corned beef is TOUGH!!!!

    Depending on your definition of "tough", it could just be that what you had was flat cut of brisket, not point cut. I've found that flat cut cannot be made tender however you cook it, due to the lack of marbling and of sinew. Not inedible, but definitely not tender as in "fall off the bone...
  5. kongfeet

    Stocks cooking times

    I like clear stocks made by simmering bones and aromatics and all that, but like a couple of you have already mentioned, I also dig that Japanese ramen broth, and also Korean sul lung tang broth. Both are boiled to death with the lid on for close to or over 24 hours, and are just so damn tasty...
  6. kongfeet

    Sweet and Spicy Pork Spare Ribs

    It's pretty common in Korean cuisine. For pork and chicken, they use gochujang (chili paste) mixed with mul yut (malted barely syrup). Past few years, I have been noticing quite a few similarities between Korean food and Mexican. Kinda makes sense that Roy Choi is doing so well with his Korean...
  7. kongfeet

    Make ahead pasta sauces

    Any braised meat along with the braising liquid, reduced to sauce consistency, goes well with pasta. For a refined version, after braising meat (lamb or goat neck is my personal favorite), I pull the meat out of the liquid, strain the liquid, then cool them and put them separately into the...
  8. kongfeet

    scallop mousse as tenderloin roulade stuffing???

    Not a fan of roulade... Why cook two things that usually cook at different rates together? Besides, they'll be mixed in your mouth when you eat them, so why not cook them separately, for the best result for each of them?
  9. kongfeet

    Fresh Wasabi Root

    As with most of Japanese ingredients, try not to do too much with it. Just eat it. Why would you want to "ruin" a great ingredient by mixing it with other stuff? Japanese use fresh wasabi as a condiment to pretty much everything, not just for sushi and sashimi. I've even had wagyu beef with...
  10. kongfeet

    Crispy pork belly for service

    I second that, too. I'd definitely cook the skin separately. 
  11. kongfeet

    Southern Fried Chicken

    Sounds more like chicken fried chicken, rather than deep fried chicken.
  12. kongfeet


    Actually, I find monk fish skin quite tasty (nothing should go to a waste and why can it not also be true for fish?). I believe Nobu had a recipe (in his first cookbook) that features skin along with meat and all. 
  13. kongfeet

    A soy sauce tasting

    To me, good soy sauce shouldn't taste only salty. It should taste like soy beans, among other things, just like how good miso and tofu should have the soy bean taste - unfortunately, tofu gets a bad reputation for having a rather bland taste, but that's only because most factory made tofu does...
  14. kongfeet

    Most overrated and underrated proteins

    Overrated seafood: halibut. chicken breast of the sea, and I'm sorta saying it's as bad as chicken, so nuff said. Underrated seafood: skate liver. way better than monkfish liver Overrated meat: close call between tenderloin and the eye or loin part of rib eye which tastes pretty much the same...
  15. kongfeet

    Is "crispy" oven-baked breaded chicken possible?

    I've done the usual flour, egg, then panko (I never use regular breadcrumb anymore especially when I want crispy crust) with skin on, bone in chicken thighs (1 hour at 350 in oven), and the result has been quite good. Maybe not as crispy as deep fried (still quite crispy) but you can't beat not...
  16. kongfeet

    Question about using shrimp shells for broth

    Oh, and I almost forgot. About skate/ skate wings, if you really want, check Asian markets (Korean or Japanese) in your area. They usually have frozen ones. Having said that, it's still a lot better to get fresh ones. Even better if you can get a whole skate with liver and all. There's been so...
  17. kongfeet

    Question about using shrimp shells for broth

    About reducing stock, it might take longer than you expect. It all depends on the water to all the other stuff ratio that you started out with. Also, your shrimp shells may not contain as much flavor as the shells that the guy who wrote the recipe used. That's why instructions like reduce the...
  18. kongfeet

    Question about using shrimp shells for broth

    I find that shrimp heads pack quite a punch whereas shells kinda don't. I'd definitely roast the shells either over the stove or in the oven, before adding aromatics. Having said that, even without roasting the shells and without any aromatics, water plus shells can produce a reasonably...
  19. kongfeet

    What Did I Do Wrong With This Pork Loin Roast?

    Whether you braise or roast, 3 1/2 hours seems way too long for a pork loin. Not sure if yours was skin on and/or bone in, but an hour or so at 325 should be enough.
  20. kongfeet

    Cheese and Pork?

    Why not? You put pepperoni on your pizza, along with cheese, so that's pork and cheese. I've had many wonderful tacos down in Mexico where they have shredded pork on tortilla with cheese sprinkled on top, so that's pork and cheese, too.
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