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  1. libby537

    Only one herb or spice

    Dear Chef Mario, As a child a dear friend whose family are Italian made tomato sauce every Sunday there was a sweetness to this sauce that I will never forget which I have tried to replicate myself to no avail adding cinnamon, demerara sugar with red wine and cumin. I just can't get the right...
  2. libby537

    6 inch high cheesecake

    I have been looking for a cheesecake recipe which after it is baked will be 6 inches high. I have only gotten to about 3 1/2 inches high after baking and cooling and do not know what to do as: I cannot find a recipe to make a cheesecake in a 9 inch spring form pan which is 6 inches high after...
  3. libby537

    New to Chef Talk

    Hi, I'm a newbie to this site.:bounce: I'm not a professional chef but I have been told my cheesecakes rival anything any big city has to offer. I want to learn how to make a 6 inch high cheesecake. I have ordered slices in different restaurants but nowhere on the internet have I been able to...
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