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    Buttercream won't re-thicken after melting

    So I've just started experimenting with two methods of coloring buttercream where you heat it up to intensify color, or you use lecithin to bind the butterfat and the water based food coloring together. I melted some buttercream and added a bit of lecithin and food coloring to it, and the color...
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    Coloring buttercream

    I've been having trouble coloring buttercream. They always turn out really pastel no matter how much gel color I use. Will using fat soluble pigments work in giving more vivid colors since butter forms majority of the emulsion? And also, there's a coloring method going around where you heat up...
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    Buttercream troubles

    I have really hot hands. Piping buttercream flowers is fine until I get to the last bit in the bag. I need a buttercream recipe that can withstand heat and is also smooth (not shortening american buttercream). And I've already tried the unthinkable and made an Italian meringue buttercream with...
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    Sachertorte troubles

    I've been trying to make the glaze for sachertorte without much success. According to Hotel Vien's website, the glaze is made by combining a cooked sugar syrup with chocolate. But since the real recipe for the cake is top secret, the approximated recipe is very sketchy. There is no temperature...
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