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  1. scottr

    King Arthur Sticky Bun Sugar

    Anyone have any idea what's in it? I saw an old thread about it here, but it went in the direction of how to replicate the product when making sticky buns. My aim is different: in this recipe it's used as part of a filling. So unlike when making sticky buns where brown sugar, butter, light and...
  2. scottr

    Q: Using lime curd as an ingredient

    Someone gave me a jar of Williams Sonoma Key Lime Curd (10 oz--about a cup). The problem is, this isn't something I'd use, especially how suggested on the jar ("spoon over muffins and toast"). It's too sweet and rich for my tastes. I don't have a sweet tooth: I don't like main or side courses...
  3. scottr

    subbing for lemon oil

    I happen to have a lot of food-grade dried lavender around and I've been looking for dessert recipes. One limitation: I'm aiming for low-fat, since whatever I make will also be for someone who had their gall bladder removed, meaning they have to limit their fat intake. So I came across this...
  4. scottr

    fat substitute question: applesauce vs banana

    Though I usually see applesauce used as a fat substitute for baked goods, I've also seen mashed banana suggested, including recipes that say to use either. See, e.g., this recipe. Is there any advantage to one or the other? Other than the different taste, how do they effect texture/moistness? 
  5. scottr

    Topping for a flourless chocolate cake

    Once again, I have been charged with making a flourless chocolate cake--flourless because two of those who will be eating it have celiac. Among such recipes I've had great success with the one in Shirley Corriher's "Bakewise," which is naturally gluten free (by "naturally" I just mean that you...
  6. scottr

    Question about baking soda ratios

    I have a standard waffle recipe I've long used. The version I'd based it on had a rather large amount of baking powder and -soda (2 and 1 teaspoon, respectively), and I dropped each down by about half without seeming to adversely effect the leavening. The recipe uses 1.5 cups of flour (a mix...
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