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    Why are cooks paid so little when they have to work so much?

    My opinion is that this industry is changing. The human resource, like all the others, is still one of the many resources in this business, one of the least valuated, although being the most important. As this important resource becomes ever more scarce, many establishments will eventually fail...
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    Why are cooks paid so little when they have to work so much?

    Its a "glamorous" business, shown 24/7 on TV, but still very much a business after all.
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    my apprentice wants to move on :(

    Exactly why there are over 60k vacant chef jobs in London.
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    my apprentice wants to move on :(

    You can always do like everybody else and just squeeze your chefs a little more for that extra %. You could for example use a bonus system, paying the bare minimum salary and promising bonuses, then deduct their wastage from their bonus.
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    Working conditions at your location

    Hi guys, I'm starting this thread with the objective of gathering some valuable information regarding the working conditions of our metier in different places of the world. Location: London, UK Type of Restaurant (Your current job): Fine Dining (Trip advisor price range = $$$$) Area General...
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    Things that grind your gears on cooking television?

    There is such a huge gap between these tv shows and the real professional kitchen and this gap is called competition. For me, working in a kitchen is like playing rugby: what matters is the team.
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    Too much focus on plating, too little on taste among young chefs?

    More and more I'm seeing star Chefs going this eye-candy trend. I once did a trial shift in a 3 star restaurant and had the opportunity to try one of the entrees. It was just a regular green peas creamy soup with fancy spices, but man, it was beautifully presented and people were spending...
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    How do you know your worth?

    Most don't.
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    my apprentice wants to move on :(

    Someday this crazy slavery chef's life style of ours will have to change to appeal to the new gadgets generation. Its already happening here in London, I mean, the ambiental change, specially during these Brexit' days, although Chefs and Managers are still either refusing to see or not seeing...
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    Confused. How does it work elsewhere?

    Here in the UK, every cook is called Chef. There are in order of seniority: Head Chef, Sous-Chefs (Senior/Junior), Chef de Partie (Senior/Junior), Demi-Chef and Commis Chef. In order to become a Head-Chef, it's usually not necessary to have any formal education other than the required HACCP...
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