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  1. atatax

    What's your favorite high end mandolin?

    I'm sick of the cheap japanese mandolins. Probably going to do at least 6 parties a week of 150+ with julienned carrots on most of the salads next spring. What is a beast of a mandolin to invest in? Two I'm looking at right now is the Matfer Bourgeat 215000 and the Bron Coucke 215030. The matfer...
  2. atatax

    Problems I'm having making brioche (cook not a baker)

    So Problems and possible causes: The dough doesn't seem to rise enough after i form it into 2 loaves and I'm not 100% sure it rises as much as it should in the prior step when its supposed to double in size before resting overnight. Earlier in the recipe it calls for me to rest the dough until...
  3. atatax

    Looking for new work horse chef knife

    I want a 9-9.5 inch chef knife that is pretty thin and has a hollow grind, a little flex to it, that I'm not going to have to baby. Probably like 59-61 HRC. Stainless or Semi. With either a european handle or a D handle. And obviously a bolster that doesn't extend to the edge of the blade. The...
  4. atatax

    Looking for 240mm D Ho wood clad gyuto

    A co worker likes my 240mm itinomonn alot, and he wants something similar, preferably around $130. He especially likes the light handle with the d shape quite a bit. This would be his first Japanese knife, so i think a clad would be best, and probably nothing too prone to chipping.
  5. atatax

    Looking for a New Knife Case

    My current case is kind of falling apart. I'm leaning towards a hard case instead of a bag. Space is always tight, so i don't want anything too big, and definitely not something like a roll that takes up a lot of space when open, but need space for like 3 large knives, 3 small knives, a honing...
  6. atatax

    Radiant Heat protective Chef Coat?

    The grill where i work in the summer is an order of magnitude hotter than any other grill i've worked at. Stuck a thermometer on the counter on the other side of the aisle and it reached 140F. With this kind of heat, is well ventilated clothing still the best option? Should i be wearing thicker...
  7. atatax

    LF new work horse 240 MM Gyuto

    I prefer either a western handle or a D handle. I live in a very humid area so i want to shy away from pure carbon knives. Budget is $300. Right now i'm looking at maybe a Misono UX10, Togiharu Pro. But really open to other options. But really open to other suggestions. Also really hard to find...
  8. atatax

    Can You Reduce Coffee?

    Can you reduce coffee after brewing it? I know the actual beans don't react well to heat, but what about the liquid after brewing? Just Cold brewing and curious if I can make things even stronger.
  9. atatax

    Whats a good stone for some major knife thinning?

    I have 2 knives that i don't really use very often just because they're a little fat and don't cut that nicely, so i feel like i have nothing to lose, if i try to thin them a bit. I do have a dia diamond plate, but it doesn't seem like i'm able to be as precise with it as low grit waterstones.
  10. atatax

    Looking for a Mandoline

    Anyone have a favorite mandoline? I want something durable, slim, stands up, that can do a matchstick julienne, preferably that i can take the blade off to sharpen.
  11. atatax

    Beard Net Alternative?

    Any alternatives to a beard net that you could recommend other than shaving? Preferably something not disposable.
  12. atatax

    How am I supposed to hold this thing?

    So i just bought some Riedel stemless wine glasses for Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo wines, and they are huge! Wide in particular. I have larger than average hands and i am struggling to hold these glasses in some dignified manner. I have to imagine I am missing an obvious method to hold these.
  13. atatax

    looking for nice low grit stone

    I've used my 220 grit Naniwa sharpening series stone quite a bit, its getting close to the end of the cycle and want to get a new stone before the summer rush hits. Any recommendations, for a stone for reprofiling and for edge work before my 1000 grit? Preferably without a stand permanently...
  14. atatax

    Poor cook, looking to get into wine

    So I work in a tourism location and business is slow during the winter, so i have a "day off" for now, sometimes multiple in a single week. With my free time, i want to develop a better taste for wine. I started a little during the tourism season, and discovered a taste for california cabs. I've...
  15. atatax

    Good knife for non-cook

    My brother wants a good all around knife for christmas. He isn't a cook and won't use a stone to sharpen. I was thinking of recommending a 9" wusthof classic chef knife, as ive never neen one rust, seems durable and unlikely to chip and looks pleasing yo the eye. And he wont sharpen it more...
  16. atatax

    Knife Bags

    I just discovered these knife bags on korin that have straps to hold knives in place and they seem like a great compromise, having greater versatility in what it can carry and requiring less space to open than a knife roll, but securing and protecting the knives better than a toolbox. Just...
  17. atatax

    Whats the best stainless steel?

    What's the best stainless steel? Gingami #3? Aus10? One of those Molybdenum steels?
  18. atatax

    Butcher block and honesuki

    I recently received a little inheritance, and was thinking of buying a nice butcher block for home use and a honesuki boning knife with part of it. For butcher block, I was looking at boardsmith and am trying to decide between the maple and cherry. Aestetically, i think the cherry will be...
  19. atatax

    When, how, and If i should go to culinary school

    So, i'm 28, american, ,i've been a line cook for about 2 years, worked at a gastro pub for most of it, but currently have been working a seasonal fine dining job since may. The fine dining job should probably last another two months. So i'm thinking what to do next. I'm the only cook at the fine...
  20. atatax

    Looking for new cover for large chef's knife

    The cardboard cover for my 270mm mac pro gyuto is pretty beat up and im looking for an aftermarket cover. For most my other knives, i use plastic covers from chefknivestogo, but they aren't wide enough to clamp onto the spine near the bolster and the knife is too thin for it to clamp securely on...
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