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    Upside Down Apple Cheesecake (well sort of)

    So I have child that that is very fussy on what he eats. Because he has a nut (All types of nuts) that he will stop breathing if he eats any of them. So I am always trying to find something that he will eat and does not have the nuts. So you take 3 apples, and a single pear. You slice them...
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    A little snack food

    So I did a small snack finger food the other night. It was a big hit in the house. I took olive bread, cream cheese (one with herbs) some ham slices, and some pomegranate seeds. So I toasted the bread so that it was lightly brown. Then put a thin layer of cream cheese on it. Took a spoon...
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    New to this site

    Good Day, I have been cooking at home for about 40 years. I love to cook without anything but just taking items around the house. I just applied for a position as a cook in small hotel here in California. I am not professional trained, but I have done many different types of cooking. I have...
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