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  1. anna banana


    I have no idea. It certainly wasn't buried deep enough to be 10 years old. But I do wish the OP had more recipes.
  2. anna banana

    "Proffesional Tiramisu" ?

    The last time I made tiramisu I froze it for an hour to firm up. That way I had nice clean cuts. Honestly, I would never use anything but mascarpone cheese. The substitutes just don't cut it. But then, I tend to buy it at $3 for 8 ounces.
  3. anna banana

    Home Base Baking Business

    I used to live in NC. Where are you located?
  4. anna banana

    frustared with cakes!

    Which boxed recipe are you using? I sometimes have that problem myself due to the high calcium/mineral/arsnic content of my tap water. Maybe yours is a similar blunder? Try using bottled water. Also, how old are your cake mixes? Maybe you just keep picking up old boxes from the store?
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    I recently made this one and it turned out pretty well. I'll be making this one again. I originally got it off the back of a package of lady fingers (and it's also on 6 egg yolks1 1/4 cups white sugar1 1/4 cups mascarpone cheese1 3/4 cups heavy whipping cream2 (12 ounce) packages...
  6. anna banana

    Panera Bread's "Baked Egg Soufflés" recipe?

    Could they be using a danish dough? That's what we use at the coffee shop to make our chocolate croissants.  
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    Guys, as a LJ user myself, I have to mention the url is still turned around. The user name is before the url. In the meantime, I've been browsing through and a lot of them look great! My only problem is none of them (so far) have serving yields...
  8. anna banana

    Young chef looking for advice

    Part of me wants to agree with the posters that said "Don't take the position" and another part of me wants to agree with the ones that said to do it. Personally, I hold the "Head Cook" position at the coffee shop I work at (they're trying desperately to become a restaurant and I'm trying to...
  9. anna banana

    Getting a job in a bakery

    I've worked at two bakeries with no experience. The worst that could happen is they think you're over-qualified for the position. As for the difficulty getting hired; I can't tell you. If you're planning on staying in Omaha, it depends on what the city has available to you.
  10. anna banana

    cutting nougat and torrone

    Like FoodPump, I use a chef's knife. I put my batch into the freezer for a little bit to stiffen up (but not long enough to freeze). That way I get clean cuts. I've tried using one of those big cheese knives but it's just so awkward.
  11. anna banana

    Italian vs French Meringue when making Macarons mass production

    I believe the recipe I use at the bakery would be the french method of cooking. @ Chef Vanessa; The recipe makes anywhere between a dozen and a dozen and a half cookies, depending on what size you make them. But we're a small business in a small town, however I have easily doubled and tripled...
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