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  1. L'uovo vulcanico

    I am 49 year old and want to join culinary school .Am I eligble and also which one I should join please suggest

    Depends where you live, and what you want to get out of school. What I would do, is (if you're in North America) look at your local community college, and take a semester or 2 in their cullinary department to make sure you really want to take on foods as a new career and are up to the...
  2. L'uovo vulcanico


    Reminds me of the old joke - "J just got a brand new Henway." "What's a Henway?" "Oh, about 3-4 pounds..." Have a fun and profitable weekend, folks!
  3. L'uovo vulcanico


    I like that, but you also need to know the source if your meat, and if you don't, and a customer wants to know, you're doomed. Seriously, you do NOT want to be the gal (or guy) walking out there with the chef's coat and toque, have a customer grill you, and fail. Part of OWNING your job is...
  4. L'uovo vulcanico


    Might a PM have been more effective - and civilized - than a public downdressing? Just curious.
  5. L'uovo vulcanico

    When can an experienced cook call himself a chef?

    To me, it is a person who has been in the cullinary field, back of house, for a number of years to have a well rounded knowledge on how to run a multi-stationed brigade style kitchen, do the human relations side of running a crew of (for lack of a better explanation), Line, Sous, Garde Manger...
  6. L'uovo vulcanico

    Power Outages

    In the middle of a storm-caused power outage, so I started musing... while we wait for power to be restored... One of the things which terrorized us during this time of year was losing power - usually it means we just got ourselves shut down. I have toyed on occasion (with usually mediocre...
  7. L'uovo vulcanico


    This is easy - I didn't come here to have my tail kicked or show how "brilliant" I am to anyone. So my apparently "offensive" post has been removed. If you're curious you can read it in the next post. Me, I'm a movin' on. Life is too short to argue. Arreviderci.
  8. L'uovo vulcanico

    Storing patatos

    IF they don't breathe, they think they've been planted and start to sprout. Think of what makes potatoes grow and fosters the enzymatic process to initiate that - dark, moist, warm-ish, and enclosed - and remove as many of those factors as practical.
  9. L'uovo vulcanico

    What did you have for dinner?

    We cheated, and unashamedly so - our local hole in the wall mexican place does the rare batch of lengua this time of year (usually only for catered events like weddings, christenings, 1st communions, etc.), and does it well... and I was able to piggy back on that and get dinner for me and the...
  10. L'uovo vulcanico

    Desweeting food

    Fost thought immediately goes to acids - Vinegars, Citrus juice (lime), etc. You need to figure out, however, what works with your flavor profile. You can also go with some "sour" sairy (sour cream, cream cheese, roquefort or other non-sweet cheese... A chef I worked for used walnut "flour"...
  11. L'uovo vulcanico


    They slipped you a chicken-flavored turkey leg, maybe a baby ostrich... :emoji_laughing: That thing is huge. I know they're breeding birds bigger (some of my ciurrent flock of RI Reds are easily 15% larger than any before them), but that's... WAY bigger. Somewhere between Jersey Giant and...
  12. L'uovo vulcanico

    Cooking Fails

    I HATE admitting this... Pullman Loaves. I;m not sure if I'm leaving out a step, or if I'm rushing it, or that pan wiht a lid is messing me up. What I end up with is a very, VERY dense loaf (so much so I could probably hit someone with it and knock them out) - I AM getting some crumb...
  13. L'uovo vulcanico

    Walking off a job with no notice .... your thoughts?

    To that guy, anyone working back of house was "hispanic" (tho he had other choice words for it) - that's why the "[email protected]" and "sp!ck" comment shouted by the owner with a front end full of customers... he thought all hispaics were lazy, selfish bums, so he decided "we" (as back of house) needed...
  14. L'uovo vulcanico

    Walking off a job with no notice .... your thoughts?

    I PRAYED for 6 day weeks... That said "you made it"... When I got a 5 day Sched (Tues to Sat Evenings in the seafood dinnerhouse) I was exstatic. THAT is what you hope for - not only to show Chef what you're made of, but the customers out there that YOU can make THEM happy campers!!! And the...
  15. L'uovo vulcanico

    Hi there!!

    Wow, am I glad I found this site! My name is Susanne, currently live part time in northern California, and part time in central Italy... was in the industry for 10 or so years, then got a job (not in foods, but with benefits, imagine that! :emoji_scream:), just retired from it and considering...
  16. L'uovo vulcanico

    How do you survive on a cook's salary?

    Deleted - stale post (by 8 years), I'm sure the OP figured it out!
  17. L'uovo vulcanico

    Kitchen Cutting Board

    For general food work, PTFE, 3/4 to an inch thick and big enough to be stable on your work surface, just like a "not home" kitchen. You can get sheets of it, pre-cut to size, on line. And yes, throw it in the dishwasher and/or clean and sanitize as per normal. For baking, a good hard wood...
  18. L'uovo vulcanico

    Career advice

    Short answer? Yes. You will get a LOT of exposure to a LOT of different techniques, skills, and disciplines that working in one place (regardless of what it is) will give you. The one good thing about a chain, whether it's Hooters, Dennys, or Red Lobster is you develop basic skills - Knife...
  19. L'uovo vulcanico

    Starting a baking from home business pros and cons, please???

    BuonaSera, Virgil~ The biggest issue with "cottage" is a lot of municipalities have different definitions of what that is. I grew up in a fairly "easy" state to start your own business, but over the years restrictions and regulations have become far, far more restrictive from then. And it's...
  20. L'uovo vulcanico

    A Chefs Comfort Food after a long week.

    Homemade pasta with either some sort of off-menu sauce (I prefer pollo pesto) or a cacciatore, sliced fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, and a glass of good, homestyle red wine, slab of bread and olive oil. To me that screams "home". Likewise, anything that is NOT on the menu. Stuffed bells with...
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