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  1. treehugger057


    So I will be moving to denver in January. I was wondering if anyone was currently working in denver and if they had any suggestions on finding work. I will be attending johnson and wales, so I am interested in something that is either flexible or willing to work with a student. (which is is...
  2. treehugger057

    Salad and dressing for 400

    So I was trying to figure out a way to transport my salad mix 30 miles to an event! I need to figure out a way to keep the salad cold during transit as well as the event! Any idea's? Also I will need to bring dressing and am concerned I am allowing to much per person. Is 2oz of dressing per...
  3. treehugger057

    Creative ways to give your chef a raise!

    So after talking to the owners bout a much needed raise. They come to me with a plan. I can wash dishes on the slow nights for an extra 70 a night! They also offered a 5% pay increase! What do u think about this? Me I think already did my dish duty! So that whole idea is just a scratch. I...
  4. treehugger057

    Penn culinary institute

    I am trying to find out about the school in pittsburg! I am interested to hear from grads and or people who live in the area. I am considering moving there with my 2 small kids and any info about the schools and or neighborhood. Also I will need a job while attend school! I have 10 years exp. I...
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    So I recently made an effort to remove MSG from my food! Now I never added msg to anything! I have been reading labels a lot more and to may shock it is in everything! Their are so many names out there for this stuff! I picked up a product clearly marked w/ a sticker saying " No msg in our...
  6. treehugger057

    Meat thermometer

    Currently my grill runs through a few a month! I am pretty sure the ones I am buying are just not meant to be abused the way a professional kitchen can put a hurting on equipment! My question is simple, Has anyone used a kitchen thermometer that has really stood up to the task of checking steak...
  7. treehugger057

    New knife woes!

    So I recently bought a Hattori forum chef knife! I love the knife and it has brought a new respect for what a man can do with steel! Here is my problem~! I also bought a set of SS 220, 1000, 5000. Great stones for me as a newbie to the waterstone revolution! However I now own a set of older chef...
  8. treehugger057


    So i recently bought a Hattori hf. After this recent upgrade, I was looking to upgrade from my old oil tri stone. Any thoughs a what whestones I should invest into? Also can I get buy on a combo stone or am I best off buying seperate stones?
  9. treehugger057

    Shun Elite 10 inch Chef knife

    So I am considering buying a shun elite! I would like some feedback on the knife. Has anyone used this blade and does anyone currently use this blade? I own henckel and global. I have used a variety of european knives. I am interested if anyone has an opinion on the powdered steel as opposed to...
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    Hello Just found the site. Im am a chef in Arkansas
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