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  1. Innocuous Lemon

    Desweeting food

    yeah i mean one would assume youre talking about desserts - puddings, tarts, cakes, cookies? its really not clear Like one could point out that sugar is a pretty key building block to the structure of certain traditional cake recipes - it does more than just provide sweetness. But that advice...
  2. Innocuous Lemon

    When can an experienced cook call himself a chef?

    while chefwriters literalist definition certainly holds some weight, personally i take a more philosophical approach. I think most people who call themselves chefs are really cooks. I think anyone can be a cook, lots of people are. Its how i identify myself. A cook makes food happen, from your...
  3. Innocuous Lemon

    Buttercream won't re-thicken after melting

    so no real answer from me here, but butter is a complex structure as the result of a good deal of churning at the right temperature. Once you melt it, you have a completely different product. And to basically try and re-churn it, with extra stuff in it thatll interfere with it re-creating that...
  4. Innocuous Lemon

    November 2020 Challenge: One Pot Wonder

    scuse the dingy lighting and the sudden very orangeness of the one picture. my phone does weird things, its super old
  5. Innocuous Lemon

    November 2020 Challenge: One Pot Wonder

    usually when i have a big shop coming and am ending up with lots of tats of this and that in the cupboard and fridge i do a bit of an "everything" pot, a slow-cook with usually a choice cut of meat (cheek, shin, oxtail etc etc). Not very much finesse but im hoping this is in keeping with the...
  6. Innocuous Lemon

    Do you know what this crust might be?

    i dont know about that. i used to do an olive-oil cake with a pistachio frangipane and fresh rosemary, decorated with delicate little rosemary flowers
  7. Innocuous Lemon

    Did I screw up my starter?

    so after day 3 you replaced the wrap with towels, and checked it again 4? what are the guidances you are given for how often to discard + feed it? it could be possible that its simply running out of steam and needs to be used and refreshed
  8. Innocuous Lemon

    Good pastry schools in Scotland/England?

    So you join as a commis, you get slowly shown the ropes (more emphasis on not making a mess after a job. being able to follow instructions. Whether you know the difference between a genoise or a chiffon cake is entirely irrelevant), you learn how to do things the way the head chef insists they...
  9. Innocuous Lemon

    Good pastry schools in Scotland/England?

    well first off, what is your idea of to "venture into the industry"? working in a high-volume professional restaurant? pastry has a lot of different shapes and forms. I would say that pastry, as with "kitchen" (savoury) is like a many-sided dice. let me elaborate There is baking, patisserie...
  10. Innocuous Lemon

    November 2020 Challenge: One Pot Wonder

    this is one of my favorite things to do so ill definitely give it a go
  11. Innocuous Lemon

    Carbonara and making the egg runny

    yeah i mean you can get it right scientifically the first time, but its a process of imperfection my first carbonara was a smooth homogenous sauce, quite expressionless and uncharacteristic, and took about 20 minutes to make. the whole thing was so alien and detached i may as well have been...
  12. Innocuous Lemon

    Carbonara and making the egg runny

    am i losing my mind or is this total gibberish anyway, eggs turn into scrambled eggs at something like 75 Degrees celsius. you want to take the pasta and the residual bit of starchy water its still sitting in off the heat, gradually shuffle in the egg+parmesan mixture then put it back onto a...
  13. Innocuous Lemon

    Donut troubleshooting

    what temperature oil do you use? are the dohnuts leavened with yeast?
  14. Innocuous Lemon


    Seafood is probably my favorite thing to cook with, eat, to be around been having much less of it though since the lockdown, i need a local fishmonger
  15. Innocuous Lemon

    Using Fresh Basil in your Restaurant

    mini fridge drawer with a humidifier, set to slightly below room temperature..about 18c
  16. Innocuous Lemon

    Food ideas for a baby shower!?

    oh whoops. not what i intended
  17. Innocuous Lemon

    Food ideas for a baby shower!?

    everything shes been missing out on during pregancy. boozy everything, rum babas. cured meats, sushi.
  18. Innocuous Lemon

    How do you make your favorite omelette?

    the idea behind it is to do basically just that - have further broken down eggs which are softer. It depends what youre personally after but ive had some brilliantly soft fluffy omelettes incorporating the method of salting eggs 10 minutes before starting
  19. Innocuous Lemon

    Does T mean teaspoon or tablespoon?

    it means buy a better recipe book but some stupid places use upper case T for tablespoon, and lower case t for teaspoon. but some mean the other. so who knows.
  20. Innocuous Lemon

    What are the best knife set to use for home cooking?

    as mr pump said, dont get a set, make your own. Id recommend - a nice big chefs knife - poultry shears (oxo gud grip do it well) - a little petty knife if you can find a chefs knife from the brand "Kuma" id reccomend it. best £20 i ever spent.
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