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    lobster stock?

    I believe this is the way Jacques Pepin showed me when he prepared his lobster sauce, I prefer this method but you can get similar results from roasting.
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    Best white wine for cooking?

    Boxed franzia actually has a nice sweet taste. Either "crisp white" or something close to that name is pretty standard. A nice Riesling or Chardonnay is good too for certain things but I swear by the franzia.
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    I find that very disturbing that a customer would find tattoos "uncomfortable". That's simply ridiculous and one of the problems with the world, being judgemental. I see your argument somewhat because you have your own business, but considering a great amount of talented chefs are tatted up I...
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    Now you're bringing god into this? Not everyone believes in that so put that argument away, that's not logical. I've never met anyone in their mid 20's feel that way about tattoos, which is pretty sad. You're in the strong minority for good reason. Never judge somebody just because they have...
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    No I would say that anyone who says that foolery about tattoos and not being professional has a narrow mind. Problem? That 1950's way of thinking doesn't fly anymore.
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    Yeah after reading that ridiculousness that was typed.
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    I also have to add that this is the most ridiculous post I have ever seen....
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    You really need to leave whatever planet you're on. Your way of thinking is dangerous especially to the industry and very narrow minded. My chef is tatted up everywhere and he was nominated for a James beard award. Is he not professional? **** outta here dude get a life. Some of the best chefs...
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    Yeah Pete is right.....I've worked with plenty of James beard award winners and nominees, most of them swore. Few don't swear at all. Doesn't make any of them better than each other. But the comments about the no swearing are laughable and overly pretentious.
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    Military Chef

    LOL at the military training being better than the CIA. I'll take the guys word for it who was a cook in the Army for twenty years over somebody who visited the mess hall. The army might be the better deal for an individual because of reasons that were stated (room and board, pay). CIA is not...
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    Problem with Sous chef

    All I said was if I had a sous chef who used product after it was on the floor and didn't know basic French technique, I would run. Especially if he said he worked in a high end French place. I'm not sure what was wrong with what I said. Of course I don't know if it's true I'm giving the OP the...
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    Problem with Sous chef

    Are you the exec or a line cook? It seems like the owner (who probably isn't a chef from what you say) cannot observe properly it if he employed a guy that uses product after it was on the floor, as well as not knowing the techniques. I absolutely would question my sous if I saw that. Not...
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    not sure what choice to make...

    Catering is boring. Only kidding, that's my opinion. However, you have to work the line in a decent restaurant(s) for a little to grasp certain skills, then venture out to catering. I would also work under someone before you go solo because it is a different world. You can do really well but...
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    Trying to figure out the best path

    Some of the best advice I've ever heard. As chef writer said, your attitude has to be on point at all times, never take anything personally. Different chefs handle situations differently. Work in the best restaurants in your city or the closest food city you live near. Offer to stage and work...
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    Flat grill tempeture testing

    I'm kind of confused. Is the meat carmelizing on the flattop when you're searing it? If not that's all the proof you need that it's not hot enough. If your owner can't see that then I wouldn't be working for someone that incompetent. What fat are you cooking the burgers with?
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