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    Lamb kidneys...beef tongue & lamb belly

    I've gotten my hands on some beautiful local lamb kidneys, lamb belly and beef tongue...looking for some delicious new recipes...any one have some amazing ones?
  2. Our first wedding cake May 2010 one.JPG

    Our first wedding cake May 2010 one.JPG

  3. Random food creations....

    Random food creations....

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    Sweetbreads & Oxtails

    Thanks...that sounds like a great thing for the oxtails.
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    Sweetbreads & Oxtails

    I'm hosting a tapas party this weekend and I have more than enough local grassfed sweetbreads & oxtails in my freezer.  Also, I need to prepare these so that my guests aren't going to be freaked out by them. I've never cooked oxtails, but have done sweetbreads in a variety of ways. Would...
  6. fig and berry tarts.JPG

    fig and berry tarts.JPG

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    tattoo close up.jpg

  8. tattoo.jpg


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    Bone-in Ribeye roast

    Thanks for the link...this sounds pretty easy....I might try this....
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    Bone-in Ribeye roast

    Thanks!  This sounds like a great plan....with 17 guests, I'm sure they'll be some folks who want a variety of temps with this meat.  I'm originally from Utah...just outside SLC.....Utah could come for dinner but NC is alittle far!
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    Bone-in Ribeye roast

    yes, it is...
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    Bone-in Ribeye roast

    I have a 16.5# bone-in ribeye roast from one of our local grass-fed farms.  I would like to serve it for Christmas dinner and was wondering if anyone has their favorite way to prepare it.  I was considering doing it on the grill and was hoping someone out there may have experience with it.  I've...
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