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    Cooking isn't everything

    Work+private projects(menu development for other interests), 4 sons, a garden, a little golf in the summer, a lot of hockey in winter, not much time for anything else. I like to be busy (easily bored). It keeps me creative, which is what it's all about.....isn't it?
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    recycling in the kitchen

    The problem is generally recycling is not user friendly. And yes it seems like a huge chore to ask someone to rinse out the cans. But heres a thought, Yank one out of the garbage, grab a spatula, and show them how much is being thrown out. Proceed to tell them that when it comes time for raises...
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    couscous anyone?

    Try serving the cous cous polenta style?
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    The Cook's Notebook

    I hear ya......Too much info. Fortunately, I'm blessed (or cursed) with a photographic memory. I finesse, cajole, coaxe, or ultimately beat the food into submission. It all works out in the end.
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    Please help! Looking for a particular culinary piece of artwork

    LOL!! Ilove that one! Its every kitchen I've ever worked in all in one print!
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    Busy,yes. But we must answer our muse when it calls. The creative moment for me comes from boredom, and the desire not to chase my tail over and over doing the same tired cuisine. Just a small shift in perspective is all it takes to find a new method of preparation, presentation, etc. Creative...
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    The Cook's Notebook

    Gone to a PDA. Used TONS of paper over the course of my career. Have embraced the electronic age(saves trees too!). I transfer all the files to my desktopo at home. All my ordering and scheduling is done on it.
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    You can never have too many ________?

    TONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The constant tong famine,LOL!
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    gas burner will not auto-ignite, help me

    I keep some bamboo skewers on the shelf above the open burners. Our air make up system is notorious for snuffing out the pilots. Previous line cooks I've employed have turned the burner on and banged a saute pan downhard on the cooktop to ignite the burner, but needless to say, this approach...
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    Traditional blades vs Ceramic?

    I currently use Henkel 4 star knives exclusively, and have done so for many years. Like the energizer bunny, they keep going, and going..... I've thought lately that perhaps I should go to a different configuration for most everyday board work. Perhaps an oriental style blade configuration... My...
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    Hello all

    Don't waste your time on me you're already a voice inside my head.
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    Hello all

    :chef: I'm a first time user, and just wanted to say hello. I'm currently executive chef of a mid sized Days Inn lodging in Manitoba, Canada. I look forward to the newsletters, and using the forum.
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