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    how do they do it?

    If I make a layer cake of some sort I usually trim the top (and the sides if I've over baked a bit) off with a serrated knife and we snack on it over the next couple days or so.  Depending on how much trimming you have left, you could also for a couple of cake pops and decorate them or...
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    Fava Beans

    I came across these beans by the name "fava" in the international market I do much of my shopping in.  I decided to get a couple pounds worth.  My oldest son loves every type of bean and pea so far to hit the table before him.  I figured if I didn't like them maybe he could finish them off.  I...
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    How do I make good grades in culinary school?

    A good book to reference for culinary studies is  On Cooking Update 5th Edition​  by Sarah R. Labensky, Alan M. Hause, and Priscilla A. Martel.
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