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    Being a libertarian, I hope that you will check out They have a whole slew of articles on this topic. I know what they have to say will not please everyone in these forums (they defend genetically modified foods) but I find it to be a place to find the "other...
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    Chef.... why? its not worth it!

    Suzanne, I wasn't inferring any one race, creed, color, or religion.... Mass migrations bring laborers willing to work for low wages. Illegeal immigrants will work for even less. When you scale up the pay for managment of those low wage earners, it doesn't get very high. The labor laws part of...
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    Chef.... why? its not worth it!

    "When I work with someone who is more concerned with thereselves than with the customer it just drives me nuts . " Sounds like 99% of the owners and 50% of the managers I have worked with/for. The hours with no pay was fine for a while. Didn't mind it at all when I was learning (not that I...
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    Heavy Cream Reduction

    For Alfredo I reduce shallots in white wine then add the cream and let it reduce then add parm . To get to nape I watch the bubbles ... they will start to take longer to pop as the sauce becomes more viscous. If you are doing a large batch make sure and use a tall sauce pan to keep the cream...
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    kitchen design and cutting payroll

    Expediters are great, but they are only needed when you are very busy ... I have worked with and without them .. one of the most enjoyable jobs I have had was running the grill and calling orders. You just need a cook that understands timing. Do you change your menu for the slow season? If the...
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    Jalapeno conversion

    Not sure how wide your slices are, but jalapenos are about two inches long ... There is a big difference between fresh and pickled jalapenos, I would use about half as much pickled if the recipe was for fresh just due to the spices used in the pickling.
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    Are you interested in a web page for your restaurant?

    You are correct UniChef ... Being found is the name of the game. Several ways to look at the problem. If you do a search for the keywords you want to be asociated with, try to get a link on the pages that hold the top ten spots.... I haven't worried about search engines with a personal chef...
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    How Do Brines Work?

    Brine is great stuff ... Try it on pork chops too.
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    Are you interested in a web page for your restaurant?

    With all of the HTML/web authoring sites out there you could probably just set up a links page and save yourself some time My fav is the HTML writers guild: I wrote the page for our PC service that is hosted off of the USPCA server: If...
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    Date Chef

    I bet you just love the Bragard/Chef Wear/etc. sales catalogues UniChef
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    Bearnaise Sauce

    Bearnaise and all other egg-emulsification/liason sauces should be thrown out after 4 hours if not sooner. You are dealing with partially cooked eggs. The chances of a food born illness are way to high to justify the few pennies saved thru trying to store the remaining sauce.
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    How do you handle liquor

    In Texas we have some squirrly booze laws: Parts of Dallas county are dry, others wet. You can't transport wholesale booze thru a dry section, you have to go around... You are taxed according to how many shots per bottle you pour ... If your bottles don't have a T.A.B.C (Texas alcoholic...
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    Local foods that are from your area only......

    Y'all got a few of the Texas specialties right, but you forgot the sides ... fried okra ... great stuff, but I think you have to grow up with it. green beans .. none of this al dente stuff. Stewed with onions and bacon. cream gravy .. not a standard bechamel with pepper, you have to add some...
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    They are castrated roosters ... slaughtered at 8 months or less. 5 to 8 lbs.. usualy very tender. roast or butter roast
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    Recipes from the box......REALLY what are your favs

    Key lime pie ... recipe came off of a can of Carnation sweetened condensed milk.
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