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    How to get this ccc look

    What's her recipe? I've never melted butter for a chocolate chip cookie, and mine come out similar. I've found that a rediculously long creaming of butter and sugar helps so much with the texture, as does letting the dough rest before baking to bloom the flour. hanging your technique can have as...
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    Good Vegan EATs ... (Vegetarian Too!)

    As a carnivore married to a vegetarian, we have a lot of vegetarian crossover. (It is easier to cook one meal than two). And at my dad's for Thanksgiving, there are more then enough vegetarians of the 28 attendants last year. The trick is to make dishes that feel traditional and still work for...
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    Sugar / Coconut palm sugar

    I've bought Coconut sugar for a job. It came in a tupperware tub and was solid. I scraped some off with a cheese grater. It was the same color as Cheflayne's. I got it at Kalustyan's, but they don't seem to have it on their website. -Matt
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    4 Best Herbs You Haven't Tried

    Koukouvagia - there are 2 kinds of savory, summer is an annual and winter is a perrenial. They taste similar, but winter has more stamina and can last a long time on the heat. I had both last summer in the garden.  I've been trying to find Mexican oregano for years and haven't been able to. The...
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    What is a good Cognac to cook with?

    I used the Raynal in a terrine and the rest of the bottle was drinkable, so I support BDL with that. There's lots of fresh chestnuts around in NYC, and canned is always available. If I remember Minneapolis (via my wife's brain), try The Wedge Co-op on Lyndale. -Matt
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    Popular in NYC right now. Little place down the street serves 6 kinds of sausage and german beer. The classic dish the german owner makes is grilled kielbasa covered in curry sauce with french fries. Pete's recipe sounds like it would taste the same, spicy but not too hot. They offer mayo with...
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    usable servings from a whole fish

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    usable servings from a whole fish

    This is a new thing for me. I am used to doing portioning from a pre-broken-down protein. If I am going to roast a whole fish, how many servings do I get out of it? Say i roast a 15 pound striped bass, what percentage of that is usable? How do I know how many servings i will get? Thanks in...
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    Is there an age for spicy foods?

    I would think that as palates grow taste buds lessen in sensitivity. In a biological sense, chili heat is designed to keep you from eating it. It would seem there is some primal response to this. Same as with fermentation, most kids don't like the taste of anything "funky." I know that I...
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    Help with coming up with dish

    For the oyster ceviche, you could just do a ceviche with petit diced ingredients as the bed/garnish with the raw oyster put back on top. I'm thinking of oysters with vinegar, like mignonette, just more. Spice and acid as the flavor, and other simple seafood as the texture in the shell. Raw bar...
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    Help w/ Veggie Burger Recipe

    I've been working on my recipe for a while, and am still in process. The big question is: does it need to be vegan? I'm using an egg in mine, so I can't help you there. You definitely need a binder to glue things together. I use some ground flax seeds, which help. I've also heard mashed lentils...
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    Fish Fumet Questions!

    I would agree with ChrisBelgium, that the heads can give a bad flavor if you aren't careful. Blood makes it grey, and eyes make it bitter. But if you remove the gills, make sure there isn't a blood seam up the spine between the ribs, and don't let the eyes burst,  (don't let it boil) the flesh...
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    Secret to THICK mayo

    In my experience, a yolk can hold a cup of oil, and the more oil the thicker it gets. Increase your oil a bit and it should thicken up.
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    Making a smoker?

    Alton Brown made one with a hot plate and some terra cotta flower pots I would think the hardest part would be getting a hot plate that fit in easily. -Matt
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    I'm currently taking the NY state Food Protection COurse online for work. It is free to take the online class, you only need to pay to take the test. If you are really that interested in rules you could take that or...
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