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    how to moisten cold pasta pesto ?

    I made a BIG batch of cold pasta pesto with chicken for avery large crowd. It will be served tonight at an event. When I get to the location and get ready to serve it, it might be kind of dry. How can I moisten it? Chicken broth? water? Cook's illustrated had an article and it said to put...
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    keeping things cold question

    How cold does cooked food need to be? Cooked rice and chicken, cooked pasta and chicken. no dressing.
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    neeps and tatties for 100

    HI, I've been asked to make the neeps and tatties for our Burns Night supper in January. They're buying the haggis from a place in New Jersey, and the rest of the evening is catered, so I don't have to worry about that. Now what would be a good recipe to use for the neeps and tatties? tatties...
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    Miso Marinated Salmon

    How did the wasabi risotto turn out?
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    Poaching salmon in the oven???

    I have a recipe for poaching salmon in champagne on the stovetop, how can I adapt it for poaching in the oven? Basically, layer leeks and baby carrots in pan. Lay salmon fillets (I used steaks) on top of veggies. salt and pepper salmon. Pour a cup of champagne over all. cook 4 minutes, flip...
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    leek and potato soup?

    Thanks for the suggestions. This is the one I ended up using. I just used a potato masher instead of a "boat motor" or blender and it came out wonderful. Used the milk and flour at the end, it gave it a great consistency. WELSH LEEK OR POTATO SOUP 4 big leeks 1/4 c. butter 1 tsp. salt...
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    need info on a manual pasta maker/machine

    A friend is considering purchasing one of those manual pasta machine, the kind that cranks out the sheets of pasta. He already has a Simiac machine, but wants the manual machine. Any info on what brand or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    smoked salmon... how...?

    Send it to me!!!!!
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    leek and potato soup?

    I received some organic leeks and want to make a leek and potato soup, but no cream. Milk is okay. I did a search and there's so many recipes. Found a couple that sound okay, but I like a creamier soup. CAn I add some milk to the soup mixture? What about some cream cheese or sour cream to the...
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    Adjusting creme brulee recipe?

    Hey, my friend I'm making it for is Scottish. Creme Brulee dishes are a set portion.
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    Adjusting creme brulee recipe?

    Thanks, but I really only need to make 5, I don't want an extra. This is for a dinner at a vacation home and we're leaving the following morning for a 500 mile drive home. Will an extra 1/3 cup milk and an egg yolk work? maybe a spoonful of sugar too?
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    Adjusting creme brulee recipe?

    Hi. i need to make creme brulee for 5. I have the 1/2 cup dishes. But every recipe I find is for 4. It can be halved for 2, which is what I've done and it turns out beautifully. But next week I need to make 5 dishes. I really don't want to make 6 and just toss out 1/2 cup. Can the recipe for 4...
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    I LOVE crusted fish

    But need some interesting recipes. Did a google search, nothing sends me. Possibly a sesame crusted tuna? anything else good and simple?
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    Opinion on Morimoto's in Philly?

    I've been there twice. Liked the food, the dessert was so tiny, like a wafer in a pool of sauce. Definitely pass by the desserts. Any other opinions? I had the eggplant appetizer and the yellowtail, both amazing. My SO had the omakase, delish.
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    Need nice dessert place in NYC

    Saturday, my SO and I are going to a Broadway show (probably Phantom or Mama Mia) and dinner afterwards. I want to treat for a nice dessert in the Times Square area. It doesn't have to be a restaurant-type place, can be just a nice ice cream parlor or something. But it has to be open late. We...
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