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    new at chocolate

    Just wanted to add in that truffle centres usually have 35% cream added into the mix to make that lovely smooth filling... along with whatever else you want to flavour with...Good luck!!
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    My Intro

    Hi! Thank you both so much for the nice welcome. Yes, I did search out the sugar conversations already.... and I'll probably search them out again.... Maybe you guys can give me some advice. I would like to make my own silicone molds, for leaf veining (using maybe modeling chocolate to create...
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    My Intro

    Hi! I found this site by accident yesterday, and am very happy that I did! My name is Karyn, and I just got out of pastry chef school, and although I already work full time in another field, I want to learn more about sugarwork and chocolate. This site seems to have alot of helpful people on it...
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