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    most hated kitchen smell

    For me, 2 things come to mind: 1) Limburger cheese.  Recall way back in 1972 in my teens, babysitting for a Dentist and his wife. Dr. S. would come home for lunch (while I was watching his kids), since his office was about 10 minutes away, only to open some (smelly!) Limburger cheese and put on...
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    ISO Manhattan Clam Chowder with a "Roux"

    Hi, Searching for a Manhattan-style clam chowder recipe (tomtoes included) which also has a butter/flour roux. Kernel corn also part of the recipe. Any ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks, Turquoise
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    ISO Manhattan Clam Chowder Recipe with a Roux, please

    Hello, I am a somewhat proficient home cook.  My dear father (and quite a good cook himself) passed away five years ago. Sad to say, I wish I was able to locate a recipe he used for Manhattan-style Clam Chowder, which got *tons* of rave reviews from all of us who betook of his culinary pride...
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