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    ...2 years Later

    I started a post 2 years ago when I first found this site. I posted a brief introduction as the accountant wanting to change careers and begin catering after culinary school. I have since picked up a herb and vegetable gardening hobby, canning and preserving, fermenting, and making yogurt. I am...
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    New to Catering

    @Meezenplaz  Do I hear a memoir in the making? 
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    New to Catering

    @flipflopgirl   Moral of the story---You made so many you're sharing with all of us? Maybe? One can hope. :-) @Mikeswoods  Keep it coming.  How did the catering take off? 
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    I need some help paying off the rest of my tuition guys...

    I need some help paying off my mortgage.  Any takers?? 
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    New to Catering

    @ Mikeswoods This is good stuff.  It has actually brought about new questions to ask all in this thread.  Question 1-  When is it time to pull the plug on a business/idea, and when should you alter your current operations to try to "stay in the game"?  In other words, when do you accept...
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    Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Problems

    @KyleW I'm stuck in the house due to a wonderful ice storm but I still have power, sooooo what better time to make the recipes I've been dying to make. I am currently eating white chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of your recipe, and they are delicious. Crunchy on the edges, chewy in the center...
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    New to Catering

    Ah, to be 20 again... I was the girl that threw bbqs and would pre-sale meals by the plate (different price for ribs vs chicken). I had one friend check names off the "list" at the door and had another in charge of what I thought to be a simple task, salad. The friend in charge of the list did...
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    Avocado oil

    It's definitely a good moisturizer. I've even used it as a hot oil treatment for my hair or an addition to conditioner during the dry and cold winter season. This isn't surprising because avocados make great face masks and are also great mashed up and used to condition hair (wash it out of...
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    Avocado oil

    Oddly enough I buy it all the time but have never cooked with it. I typically get mine from Whole Foods and use it for my skin. It's sold next to vitamin e oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, etc.
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    New to Catering

    You sound like you've had an interesting life. The deli sounds great. I go out of my way for mom and pop restaurants, especially delis, bagel shops, and coffee shops. They just have the ability to make me feel happy as soon as I step foot in the door. It sounds like your deli was the same. I'm...
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    New to Catering

    @Mikeswoods   Sounds like you need a cookie and a tall cup of hot chocolate.  So how did the deli work out?  Was it a hit or miss?  I have a feeling you have a "miss" story on the way. 
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    Culinary school? Yes or no?

    @ChefMo That's true. I have a sister that teaches, terrible school, but she's a darn good teacher and no one loves the kids more than she does.
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    New to Catering

    Hey Mike! Story time! :)
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    Do brands really make a difference?

    Lol @ Danger, Will Robinson... I've never tried baking with raw sugar but the texture is so completely different from refined I wouldn't dare. I prefer it in my coffee though. This gives me a new perspective on the generic brands. I'm particular about certain items, flour being one of them...
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