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    My first knife - Suggestions? Japanese, German, French? Buying in the UK

    Hey Joe... where you going with that knife in your hand.... lol, sorry, couldn't help it once the greeting "Hey Joe" popped into my head.  Anyway get a load of this: I just stumbled across these guys' account on twitter, which reminded me of this thread...
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    Calphalon Katana

    Wow, great thread with great timing for me as I've recently been contemplating some knife purchases. I went by BB&B yesterday to have a look at their offerings and without wanting to steer this thread too far off the topic started by the OP, I have some comments and questions... My local BB&B...
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    Wiener Schnitzel with grits and maple syrup.

    I meant Mezzaluna, but yours is nice as well. I had to look up what kaneohe  was, wasn't sure if it was a place or a thing. I guess the way this forum is formatted, when I reply to a post in a thread, it's not clear which post I'm replying to unless I either quote the post or address the poster...
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    Wiener Schnitzel with grits and maple syrup.

    Love your username :)
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    Comment by 'tones' in media 'tartare.png'

    Looks pretty tasty. I have yet to meet a raw or cured salmon I didn't like. Strangely, I rarely love it when it's cooked.
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    Wiener Schnitzel with grits and maple syrup.

    Ok, gonna try this again, this time without trying to turn it into a comedy act that winds up amusing primarily to myself. I updated my "experience level" to "line cook" as well. I'd picked "can't boil water" because none of the others were that great a fit and again...trying to be a comedian...
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    Older newbie, just starting out

    Hi there, just found/joined this forum and saw your post after posting an intro myself. It jumped out at me 'cause I'm older/a career changer as well. I completed a 13 week intensive culinary program almost a year ago now, and that's been very helpful. I expect that without training it would be...
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    Wiener Schnitzel with grits and maple syrup.

    Made you click!   Sorry...but "New guy" or "Hello from Vermont" just wouldn't have been me. You've inferred the Vermont part by now. I'm originally from the outskirts of Vienna (Wien) Austria, and I spent a couple of decades in Atlanta, GA. Since I enjoy causing a good "What the ..." reaction...
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