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    Hello from wv, va, ky, tn.

    Worked in a couple kitchens for a few years. Been lucky enough to have patient teachers who were open enough to give me a chance. Southern appalachian soulfood naturally pours from my fingertips. I have a ton to learn about everything but have some very good experiences I can share. I also know...
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    I use a really cheap ($7-12) update with german steel plastic handle six days a week. Ive never chipped one but the handles get a little rough feeling. Never again will i bring damascus or anything fancy with me to work. The spine isnt beveled thats a total deal breaker for alot of people.
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    Feeling a bit discouraged...

    Im a pretty young line cook and couldnt care less what age the person working with me is. I get worked UNDER THE TABLE by little old ladies pretty regularly. Work ethic and people skills make or break you but age never seemed to matter. Might be hard to ask someone younger than you how to do...
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