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    Country Club After School

    Go somewhere exotic and aim high. Four Seasons have resorts in great places and will look great on your resume and you get to see the world. You have the rest of your life to work in NY. Best of luck !!!
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    Best comrades for your feet

    Dansko's  !!! Last shoe you'll ever need to try. 
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    How to survive my seasonal job 16-18 working h per day

    lol, I had a  less legal alternative in mind, just kiddingly of course.How old are you Negan ? You sound like a young buck to me so you should be able to get through it w/out too much physical pain. Look at it as great training for the rest of your career. It's a lot of hours but hopefully...
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    any good creme brulee recipes ??????

    24 yolks 2 cups sugar 2 qts heavy cream 1/2 vanilla bean I trust you know the procedure, lol . This is a great base recipe. You can play w/ the flavorings. Good luck
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    How did you guys start in the kitchen??

    I was fortunate enough to be hanging out in a kitchen at 11. I was riding my bicycle in the parking lot of the restaurant across the street from my house. The owners son came out, who was 16. we started talking and next thing I know I'm hanging out in the kitchen. At that time I just got to stir...
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    My sauce keeps on breaking after a couple days in the fridge

     I thought of the egg yolk too but after researching what he was making, the recipe called for no yolks.
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    Greetings from the Pacific NW

    Awesome, do you know the name of it ? I'll check it out sometime. LMK when you come through next, let's get together.
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    My sauce keeps on breaking after a couple days in the fridge

    Are you using a robot coupe or making it by hand ? Not sure why it keeps breaking
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    Greetings from the Pacific NW

    Hey CBB - I'm actually in Astoria but Portland does have an awesome Culinary scene. LMK if you ever make it to Astoria. Thanks Nicko. I'm not the chef, just line-cooking for now. I wanted to get my foot in the door on the culinary scene here and when this opportunity came up I jumped on it. The...
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    Help me complete this menu? Tri-tip, salsa, and...?

    Simplicity is elegance !!!
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    As the saying goes, "cooks borrow, chefs steal" lol
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    Help me complete this menu? Tri-tip, salsa, and...?

    Soba noodle salad w/ a white miso, sesame and rice wine vin. dressing. French mando'd Carrots and green onions. Maybe even a little fine diced shallots ?
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    Hello from France

    Nicki- hang tough !!! Anything worth doing is going to be a whole heap of work. In the end you'll be psyched you stuck w/ it. True, French cuisine is not what it used to be but some French classics never fall out of style. Best of luck, though given your background, I don't think you'll need the...
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