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    Personal Chefs...and grocery shopping

    Company credit card, with accompanying receipts of everything that was purchased down to the last penny.  That is how it is done
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    Blast Freezer
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    Why Doesn't My Chinese Food Taste Like The Restaurants?

    The health unit in my city made restaurant health inspections available online for all to see.  No offense and i don't mean to be racist, a majority of chinese and Japanese restaurants have received severe infractions and some have even been closed down 1 or 2 times. Long story short, add some...
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    A short cooking related survey for our research project

    my local university pays people to do stuff like this.....
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    Blast Freezer

    Your Freezer was made in Brazil as best i can find.  Personally, i would have never bought it, it is a very very very obscure brand, that more likely than not, a refrigeration technician will have an extremely hard time finding parts if it breaks down or even fixing. Your best bet is to contact...
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    Banqueting or catering experiences

    More money, for the same work
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    Onion and garlic

    I mince garlic for y rice
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    Fried chicken, no buttermilk: dip in yogurt? egg wash?

    come on, admit it, you were drunk 
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    Please explain me. What am I? Am I a Chef or a cook?

    You have more talent in your pinky than all my employees combined.
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    Diet Dilemma

    How would i use a sous vide?
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    Diet Dilemma

    For my eggs, i tried making an omelette a la Jacques Pepin with salt, pepper, cinnamon, and chile powder but alas, it still tasted like eggs......
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    Diet Dilemma

    So I will soon be participating in a marathon and i am putting myself on the caveman diet. This is my regimen: Meal #1: 8:30 am 4 eggs: 2 egg whites and 3 whole eggs (no oil) 500ml-1L water 1 Tbsp natural almond or peanut butter Meal #2: 11:00 am ½ cottage cheese (0% or 2%, Plain) Salad...
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    All soups I make taste like vomit?

    Are you vomiting in your soup?  Are you making vomit soup?
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