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    Storing Pasta for Service

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    Storing Pasta for Service

    I tend to make things like tagliatelle using a 100g:1egg ratio. This is for domestic use, so I am not making and storing it for hours. Just 20 mins or so while I prep everything else.
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    Cooking rice?!?!?!?!?!!?! HELP!!!!!

    This is a classic food panic. Yes, there is arsenic in rice, but it is on and in the rice. Scientists have shown that soaking ice overnight can reduce the arsenic content by 80%, but we are not talking about killer quantities of the stuff. The most important thing to remember about rice is not...
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    Somewhat tough(ish) drumsticks

    40 mins is a long time at that temperature. You could almost do a whole chicken in that time. Take a look at this recipe as an adaptation from a tripe Michelin Starred chef (Georges Blanc). This is a lovely way to do succulent leg meat...
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    Cooking rice?!?!?!?!?!!?! HELP!!!!!

    I subscribe to the resting.
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    Cooking rice?!?!?!?!?!!?! HELP!!!!!

    I find this depends on what you want. If I want rice I can eat with chopsticks, then I make it sticky. This is done with basmati rice (not long grain). That is cooked exactly as you do. One volume of rice to two volumes of water, boiled, covered, put on mega-low (absolutely the lowest you can...
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    Cooking Range Recommendations

    A gas range for £1000 is a tall order. I would see what you can do with Britannia. Available from John Lewis.
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    Help with herbs falling apart in stew

    If you are using the right herbs, this should not be a problem. Fresh thyme, bay and parsley stalks tied in a bundle with string is the classic bouquet garnie. You can wrap it in muslin if worried, but they never fall apart on me. Rosemary will always shed its leaves, so you just need to know...
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    Who can help me solve my stew troubles, please?

    I agree with the others. I am a very lucky boy as I was taught how to stew by Rupert Rowley (1 Michelin Star at Fischer's, Peak District). You sauté to get the colour, remove, soften the veg (add flour now if not using a beurre marnie later), deglaze, add the meat back and drop the heat. Add...
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    Storing Pasta for Service

    Does anyone have advice for keeping fresh pasta? Do I just dust it up the wazoo with semolina on a clean cloth?
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    Cutting boards

    You mean staining the wood with a wood strain? I confess to never having seen that done. Whether there is a reason for that, I don't know.
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    Telebrand Red Copper Pan

    Ah. I have taken a look at them. Yep, that is copper in colour alone. I wonder why they chose to call it that, when actual copper is quite a big deal in pan manufacture.
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    Telebrand Red Copper Pan

    I am very wary of many 'copper' pans. The point of copper is that it has a low specific heat capacity, so it heats and cools very quickly. This is great for things like eggs and sugar. It is less great for casseroles and stews. Copper has some drawbacks in that is has to be lined to avoid...
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    What are your favorite food/cooking podcasts?

    'Kitchen Cabinet' on BBC Radio 4 is quite amusing. It's hosted by food critic Jay Rayner.
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    Hello from UK

    Richard, Hello also from the UK. We are a two-man domestic cooking team trying to do better and blog the origins of the classics at We are on Twitter, FB and Insta as @noseychef. One of us is a marketing consultant from Derbyshire, and the other is a Royal Navy medic from...
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